Sexually assaulted in front of my husband

My husband and I bumped into my former fiancé while shopping. I was wearing compression leggings.
Being polite, I was open to giving him a hug. During the hug he took it upon himself to give my ass a firm squeeze and pop.
I didn't want to make a scene so I playfully told him to stop. He gave my husband a fist pump and said, "You're a lucky man. She has a sexy tight ass!"
My ex used to do and say that when we were together but we're not together anymore.
I was embarrassed and pissed at both for acting like frat boys.
Later, I expressed my emotions to my husband about how that made me feel. My husband joked it off and told me to lighten up a little. He even said, 'I don't know what the big deal is. You used to have sex with the guy, you two were engaged and you lived with him for 4 years'
I'm thinking of pursuing sexual assault charges. Should I?

4 months ago


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    • Sounds like your husbands a cuck. He'll have you fucking other good soon enough

    • No. I don't think you should press any charges for that. Nothing good will happen from that. Your man is already on your ex's side. Making any more of a big deal of it will just hurry the end of your current relationship. The truth is, your ex did you a favor of exposing this side of your husband. I'd let it go

    • As if you didn't like it you fucken slut

    • Nita’s much as you indulge in cock.

      They say you look like a human prickcushion.

    • Not as …

    • So you got a fucking pussy for a husband!
      Someone did that to my wife I would need bail money and he would need hospitalization.

    • Your wife? You’re too preoccupied sucking cock and getting fucked to have a wife!

    • I ran into my ex on a rail trail. Weekdays I'll see 5 people over 20 miles biking -- and there she was. It's been 20 years. After exchanging pleasantries her filters come off. Her husband is a great guy, she wouldn't trade him for a King. But he says oral is for whores. She said she rewarded me with blowjobs for taking her places, but secretly she learned to love them. She said I know I sorta fucked you on the split (she kept a motorcycle I lent her) -- "How about a blowjob to make nice. I know said too much -- it's a win win for me, but there's lots of woods her -- it'll be fun, -- a bucket list check mark, blowjob from my ex." Check!
      I think she may have tracked me on fitness app, my bike rides are public with maps, time, date, speed etc.. I started texting her.
      Me: Do over?
      Her: Probably not -- should have never done 1st 1 - was fun - no regrets- maybe next years. was feeling ballsie that day. do wife, make believe it's me.

    • Bull

    • Fuck off lady balls!

    • F**k You A$$hole! You don't get it. Well let me put it out there on how it feels.
      What if you were surrounded with your bros and your ex came up with her new husband, rubbed your crotch and said, "I had to rub your small penis one more time.' then go on and on about how small your tiny little dick is and how you could never satisfy like her new man! F-you!

    • Let me tell you how it really is. If my wife walked up to another man and grabbed his dick. She would have two black eyes. One for doing that and the other for not listening to me in the first place. FU

    • You don’t have a wife. You have a woman that tolerates you even though she knows you’re sucking cocks on males from age 10 to 90.
      She knows you take it in the ass when she sees the cum in your tightly whiteys in the laundry room.

    • It’s really forcible touching, misdemeanor charge. I am more disappointed at your husband for not being more empathetic or agreeing with you. If any of my ex’s ever attempted that crap, one knee would’ve went straight to the nuts. I also would not be hugging my ex like that.

    • THANK YOU!
      I'm going to check on that and let my ex know if it happens again, charges will be placed!
      I also told my husband I didn't appreciate his comment that we used to have sex and lived together either. I told him 'there's a reason he's my ex!'

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