Straight People- What's the Gayest Thing You've Ever Done?

I'm female, 22, straight. My boyfriend admitted to me last night after sex that he once went to a gay bar and hooked up with a guy out of curiosity. They went to my boyfriend's house, my boyfriend gave him a bowjob, and then the two had sex for a while after. I'm assuming this is common so-

What's the gayest thing you've done as a straight person? Men and women welcome.

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  • My first wife and I attended an orgy way back in the 80's and at one point during the night she saw me, on my back, with a cock pounding my ass and one gagging me while I tried to get it's ten inches down my throat. She was so turned on by the sight that she took my cock into her mouth and gave me her greatest blow-job ever. When we got home she couldn't get enough of me and I fucked her so much that my cock hurt the next day. After that, all I had to do was mention my DP and we fucked, anytime, anywhere.

  • What a great experience! I am jealous

  • U know there tough guys on here with their smart ass comments, I fuck them in their ass and they loved it

  • I stick dildos in my ass

  • I love to wear pantyhose and panties

  • I sucked a transsexual cock for about a minute. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing and stopped.

  • I FaceTime someone at let him look at my ass and jerk off

  • I made myself cum texting with another man from the the uk . we both had some great fun talking and sexting , i came so hard with him . never forget it . actually miss it .

  • I love sexting and cumming

  • I had phone sex with another male and we both came

  • I swallowed my cum once .

  • Been there done that ....

  • In college at a Halloween party there was this girl dressed like Dorothy from the wizard of oz. We are flirting all night and finally end up going home together .We are making out I put her hand on my dick and she starts rubbing so I tell her to take it out. She whispers that she is straight but ok. That didn't even register and pretty soon I had her head bobbing up and down in my lap. Now I'm really enjoying the blowjob but definitely wanting to fuck her. I pull her off my cock ,we kiss some more and I slide down and put both hands under her dress to pull her panties off. Well in was silk boxers and she had a cock! I panic and ask what the fuck?? HE then says he thought I knew he was a guy, said he was straight too but was curious so he just went with it when I wanted him to suck my dick. He is telling me he is sorry and not to worry he wont ever tell anyone and that he is getting married in a few months. I'm just sitting there on the bed next to him still trying to wrap my head around it when he reaches over and in a very fem voice tells me to lay back and he will get me off . Even though now I knew it was a guy I did as he said and let him suck my dick . I just kept thinking of his as Dorothy and blew my load. Now feeling obligated ,I'm thinking well its now or never then reached up under his dress and started stroking his cock. I eventually worked up the courage to bury my head under "her" dress and sucked Her off. That was my only gay experience but it was enjoyable after the shock of finding out "she" was a he.

  • Similar experience here. cute asian girl in my story though. Sexier than any girl ive ever seen. Took her home and she sucked the soul outta my dick. Threw her on her back and pull off her panties to find a dick perfectly tucked into her balls. She was pretty small so i though. it could be worse. so I slid my dick inside her asshole and came. Best dick sucking and anal ive ever had

  • A few years back my family was staying in a camp ground for a weekend get away. My wife and parents set everything up while I was at work and supposed to join them later that Friday night. Work went long and I ended up not getting to the camp ground until late that night. When I got there I told my wife I needed to get a shower after eating a quick bite . I made my way to the shower I had just got under the water when another guy came in. This shower was just a row of shower heads sticking out of the wall so no privacy and I was a little surprised that he stood so close to me when there were other shower heads sticking out further away. I was thinking screw it I'm just going to take my time and enjoy the hot shower not knowing what this guy's deal was. So out of the blue this guy starts talking about how this shower reminds him of high school gym class and starts talking about how he and his friends would fool around grabbing each others asses and dicks in the showers. He asked if I every did anything like that and as I look over saying no not really ,he is just casually stoking his dick looking at me. He then tells me once while they were messing around he got hard and the other guys started calling him a queer and made him suck their dicks after practice one afternoon. The more he is talking and stroking his dick I have to admit I was getting a hard on too. Then he comes right out and asks if I ever had my dick sucked by a guy? Again I said no he looks at me and said he hadn't sucked a cock in years but would love to suck mine if I would let him.Before I really had time to think about it he was on his knees sucking my cock .I have to say he had me shooting off in a very short time . He then stood up jacked his cock a couple strokes and shot his load.

  • Got my ass pegged

  • Shoved a toothbrush up my ass to see if it would feel good

  • Well??

  • I think it's good to experiment and see what your preference is.

  • Me and a friend would have sleepovers at his parents place in high school. His dad had quite the porn collection and we would sneak them back to his room in the basement and look at them until we were both too hard to stand it. Then we would jerk off together. Eventually it graduated to more things like touching each other. His parents had a hot tub and one night he told me we should have a soak. While we were in there we were looking at the porn magazines (this was pre smartphone days) and getting horny. He suggested we get naked in the tub and I agreed. Then he showed me to put my penis against the tub jets and WOW!! That was one of the most intense feelings I had ever had. He could tell I was over the top in pleasure and that’s when he said we should try sucking each others cocks. I couldn’t say no at that point. It felt amazing being sucked on and then sucking on his penis was also a lot of fun. Still think about it all these years later. I’m in my 30’s now. So yeah jerking another guys cock and giving/getting head is the farthest I have ever gone.

  • This is basically my teenage years.

  • I’m a 37 year old straight woman. I worked at a pizza place when I was 16. I would hang out with my 22 assistant manager sometimes, would go to her apartment and drink. One time her boyfriend was at work and she asked if I had ever had my pussy licked. I said no and she said she really wanted to and asked me if she could. I was stunned but said yes. It felt so good! She never wanted me to reciprocate. I let her eat me a few more times until I got another job.

  • A woman my wife worked with brought her boyfriend to our house for dinner and drinks. As the night went on the drinks had been flowing the girl mentions that her boyfriend told her he was bi curious but never did anything with another man before. Her and my wife started asking if I would let him try blowing me. I was like no way! There is no way I would even get hard from a guy sucking my dick! To that my wife says her and the other woman will take their tops off and make at if that will help . I could just watch them while he sucks my dick. I figured what the hell ,I will at least get to see them topless so I agreed. Well let me just say there was no way that was the first time that guy sucked a dick. He sucked cock better than any woman I had ever been with and he didn't even flinch when I started cumming, he just kept on sucking dick.

  • When I was 13 my dad used to make my suck his cock. It continued until I was 16 when my mom and dad divorced. I went to live with my mom. It's been eight years since that happened, and I don't think my mom knew it was going on. I'm bi now (currently in a relationship with a bi woman). She accepts me for who I am and what I've been through. We enjoy having threesomes with hot strangers

  • I used to be babysat by a woman with two girls, both a year or two younger than me. One of her daughters and I used to fool around daily, sometimes multiple times in one day. She caught on and refused to babysit me anymore, never told my mom why though.

  • Used to hook up with a married couple. He would rim my ass while I was fucking his wife, they used to suck my cock and rim my ass together, and I would let him suck me until I came on his face, then his wife would clean it off him.

  • Wife has pegged me and pounded my mouth with dildo. However, I want one time to try the real thing.

  • Same here I’ve been pegged and want to try a real cock

  • Had sex with my hot silver fox father in-law. Then his wife caught us and she joined in.

  • I've mutually masturbated with a friend. Always feels better when someone is wanking you off.

  • No, it's not common. Your "boyfriend" is a sick homersexual phag. You should dump him, get yourself tested for HIV, and find yourself a real man.

  • No place for homophobic slur talk on here you POS so fuck off before I report you, you wanna be cocksucker.

  • He’s one of those tough guys on naughty post. . He’s really a little bitch with no sex except his hand

  • Sorry. What’s your definition of “a real man”? I believe that words matter. They have meaning. If used incorrectly or even inappropriately the message you are trying to deliver can be misunderstood or confusing.

    By real man you mean what? Exactly? I’d really like to know.

    Because I could take that to mean; a man might be a husband and a father. And if so he loves them. Unconditionally. He works hard for them. He is present and attentive to them. He sacrifices for them but also takes care to maintain a good balance and takes care of himself. He has clear, open and honest communication with his family, his children and his wife. And they feel comfortable with his love, wisdom and kindness they have open and honest communication with him and as a family. He and his wife confide in each other when times are bad and good. They support each other in their family and individual dreams.

    And when his wife tells him during passionate love making one night that she wants to see him bound and gagged taking a strap on in his ass and a man in his mouth, what then? Should he cast his wife out because they have a love that is good and honest?

    So wtf is your definition of “a good man”?

  • I don’t know what the definition or measurement for the use of the word “common” but damn someone is being judgmental. If she’s ok with what HER bf did then what the fuck business is it of yours. I think it shows genuine trust in their relationship and he’s communicating with his gf. He provided her with information that if like you had issues with homosexuality she could have chosen to dump him. What secrets do you have?

    And really? What is this the early 80s? You are aware that AIDS doesn’t only inflict gays, right? What a small minded and bigoted view. Jackass!

  • You wanna suck my what? I poop out of there.

  • It is common, fool, you need to wake up to reality.

  • No, it is not common. I know zero men who do that, and a lot of men who don't. It's common only amongst homosexuals, but homos make up less that 5% of the male population, get your definition of "common" straight, moron.

  • So by your rationale and calculations the only criminals are those behind bars?

    Meaning that if this is something that is shared between a couple in their private lives and they don’t tell anyone or have been caught (terrible use of words because it implies they are doing something wrong) how would you know they are doing it?

    You never know your best friend could be on his knees with his wife every 3rd Saturday of the month blowing some pastor.

    What about Aaron Schock, former Illinois-R Congressman who opposed gay marriage during his tenure, came out as gay In March of this year 2020. You don’t think in his private life he was taking it in the ass or wasn’t opening up wife for a hard dick? How many people in Illinois would have suspected?

    My point, don’t be a bigot. Don’t be an asshole just because you don’t agree with someone or their lifestyle. You never know who you’re offending when you talk like this.

  • I am a gay male and almost exclusively have sex with straight males that are curious or extremely horny.

  • My wife would flip out if she knew my curious fantasies.

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