River Red

When I was early 20's I dated a girl who really liked sex. Most my friends were the same. Honestly who isn't a sex addict in their 20's.

Me, my girlfriend, and my friends used to go camping in this spot where the canal crossed the river at the aqueduct. We would swim in the river and fish the canal while camping all weekend. The river wasn't very deep, only 2 or 3 feet deep at the most in some spots with lots of sandbars.

Me, my girlfriend, and another couple went out one weekend to camp and get away. My buddies girlfriend is a redhead and I had always wondered if the curtains matched the carpet. That weekend I found out they did.

All four of us were in the river swimming and cooling off from the heat of the day. That's when my girlfriend stripped off her bikini, held it up for all to see and then threw it up on the bank. My buddies girlfriend followed and threw her bikini next. The girls then chastised us until me and my buddy did the same and removed our trunks.

My girlfriend came over and started rubbing my dick. It wasn't long before I had her from behind with my dick in her. We had been in 3 feet of water, so still somewhat submerged at this point to where we couldn't see anything, but as we fucked we moved closer to a sandbar. That's when I noticed my buddies girlfriend more out of the water. She had a fire red patch that matched her red hair. Mistry solved, I thought to myself.

Not long after I saw my buddies girlfriend completely naked, we were all four on the sandbar fucking next to eachother. My girlfriend, the little devil, decided it would be a good idea to swap and asked if we all wanted to. My buddies girlfriend right away said yes. Me and my buddy took a few minutes to agree.

We got up and switched partners. I quickly started fingering her fire red pussy. She was warm and wet and moaned the instant I shoved my fingers in her. She meanwhile grabbed my dick and started stroking it. I rubbed her tits with my other hand. Her perky perfect tits with milky white skin and raspberry nipples that were barely visible from being the same color as her breasts. I sucked her nipples and they quickly popped up like little gemstones.

After several minutes of foreplay, I moved to position myself between her legs. As I did, I looked over and saw my buddy already plowing away at my girlfriend. I could tell they were both enjoying themselves and cared less what we were doing.

I positioned my dick at her wet pussy and with some effect, pushed my dick completely in her. She gasped and arched her back with pleasure as I penetrated her. Her mouth was open and her eyes closed as she held my ass in her hands. A few seconds passed before she finally took a breath and begged me to fuck her.

I did as she asked and fucked her pussy to orgasm. The whole time she would claw my back and moan like a wild woman until she finished with a screaming orgasm as she call out "oh God, yes" over and over again. Her screams of ecstasy was more than I could handle and shortly after she finished, I unloaded deep inside her with groans of my own.

With my dick still inside her we both stared into eachothers eyes. The chemistry was unmistakable and for a moment I thought about kissing her. The look in her eyes was unmistakable and I knew she was screaming inside for me to kiss her.

I instead broke eye contact with her and we both looked to the side where our partners had both finished and were watching us in amazement. The look on their faces was unmistakable shock as they both asked "WHAT THE HELL" at the same time. I figured now would be a good time to remove my dick from her pussy. I slid out and sat beside her waiting for the barrage of word from my girlfriend, or buddy, or both.

Luckily the barrage never came and we finished the weekend without any issues. We also never swapped again, which was disappointing as I really did want to make her orgasm again. I would get my chance in due time though.

Less than a year later I would break up with my girlfriend. Not long after, my buddies girlfriend would break up with him. She and I started dating and moved in with eachother. My buddy and exgirlfriend accused us of having an affair when they found out we were dating. They tried to say we never stopped seeing eachother after that weekend, even though we never did anything afterwards. They were just jealous of the chemistry she and I have together. I knew that weekend pissed them off, eventhough they never said anything.


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  • My first sexual partner almost 50 years ago was a red head. She was tall and slender and I loved her red hair between her legs. She was also a virgin and I quickly learned how to please her. We eventually swapped with my college roommate and his girlfriend who was blonde with much larger breasts. After a couple of months we actually switched as couples, me with the blonde buxom girl and he with the redhead. Our friends thought it was strange that we hade switched girlfriends but it worked out fine. I married the blonde and he married the redhead and we are still friends more than 40 years later.

  • It's not uncommon for people to have the fantasy of swapping or watching there partner with someone else. I've seen it work for some very nicely and go bad for others. A rush of unexpected emotions and or jeoulesy hits them.

  • Good story glad you got together. I love red heads for some reason they like being fucked a lot more than blonds and brunettes except for a little French girl I used to fuck that was hard to keep up with. Now you can swap with her and watch other guys enjoy her orgasms.

  • Good story, particularly a redhead with a fire red crotch. It upsets me that, from your description, she has "raspberry nipples that were barely visible from being the same color as her breasts ". Really ? Please say "No" !

  • Sorry, it's true. Anyone who has ever been with a true redhead will confirm their nipples are almost always raspberry with no color variations from their skintone. I've been with 3 different redheads and all 3 were the same.

  • This is what happens when you start fucking around with other people. I would bet money you two never stopped fucking after the first time.

  • Believe what you want, but I'm telling you we never had sex again after that day until after we both split from our exs. And to be honest, I don't give a fuck if you believe me or not. I couldn't give two shits what you think.

  • This same situation happened with my then girlfriend and her best friend. We had gone to my girlfriend's cabin for a weekend getaway. Just the four of us . The second day their my girlfriend and her best friend were constantly whispering or sneaking off talking .When night came my girlfriend was all over me right in front of them and soon her friend was all over her boyfriend . Soon we are all fooling around and my girl says yells SWITCH! and starts getting up off me . I'm like whats going on? She tells me you with Katie me with Jamie are you cool with it? I really didn't know how to react and just went with it. Well it turned out me and Katie were very compatible sexually and definitely were getting each other off. When my girlfriend finally came over to us and yelled " enough ! we are done! ok?!. That ended the night and we left the next morning before they were even out of bed. A few weeks later I talked to Katie and she told me it was all my girlfriend's idea and that she was really sexually attracted to Jamie and just wanted to fuck him once. Turned out he was overly worked up and finished before they really got started then couldn't get it back up. Long story short I ended up married to Katie four years later .

  • I think this happens more than people realize. My girlfriend was the same way. Always talking about swinging and how great an open relationship would be. I wasn't into it nor did I want anything to do with swinging. Then one night me, my girlfriend, her bestfriend and her boyfriend went out to the club dancing and drinking. About an hour after we got there, my girlfriends bestfriend and her man got into a fight. At the time I had no idea about what. He walked out and left her sitting there with us. We drove back to my place and I thought I would drop the bestfriend off, but my girlfriend said no, she was coming to my house with her. Once we got to my house I found out they had planned to swap the guys and that's why her boyfriend left. I ended up fucking the bestfriend in front of my girlfriend that night and we started having an affair. Eventually my girlfriend and her boyfriend found out and It was WW3. I ended up marrying the bestfriend and we been together now for 18 years.

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