Lesbian how loves spankings.

I am a lesbian who loves to get a good spanking. i was moving home,so i called a old girlfriend. she has a new girlfriend who has very large tits. she had a wild idea to have sex with her girlfriend. so we work out our fantasy, i want a spanking bad. i got to her house and started to getting drunk. so i start this by spilling red wine onto her white carpet and started to laugh about it. my friend grab me by the arm and throw me over the back of the couch and began to spark me good. i kept shouting out, you better stop this. i was fighting to get away, but our plan to remove all my off began. i was getting hot inside as she began to tear my clothes off. her girlfriend was very excited,her nipples were standing out which made me more hotter. when my friend tore off my bra and panties and threw them to her girlfriend and came over so both began to spank ,suddenly fingering me. suddenly i grab her girlfriend and flip her over so i was on top. i started ripping her clothes off. i began grabbing her large tits hard as i undid her bra. her nipples were getting bigger as i pinched then hard, she was getting hot. i rip her cotton pink panties off and felt how wet her panties were. so i dove my tongue into a hot tuna. my friend grabs her dildo and i pull her up by her tits and keep pinching her nipples and kissing her hard. this girl was getting goosebumps over her entire body. she said she never felt this way before. with that, we wore her out. that was the most fun i had in a long time.

15 days ago

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    • Girls have more fun

    • My hot wife has a nun like religious head habit she dons to Sunday services. She was always religious but more so now in early 30s. Just out of college she would give her married mid 40's handsome rock star boss oral sex every Monday morning. She has a bad case of Mon morning blues. The oral cheered them both up. She's now remorseful for using another woman's husband to tranquilize herself. She still has the Mon thing. So every Mon she dresses conservative, dons the habit, gets on her knees and gives naked me a blowjob while while spiritually asking his wife's forgiveness. She's a nervous wreck before, she does cartwheels of joy after. She said her first week on the job he asked to join him for him for happy hour on Fri. "After a few drink I'm in his van sucking his dick that he says his wife won't. Just out of college I was still such a slutty coed." So why tell me about the boss? "the shame of it all wouldn't be there. I like sucking your dick but Mondays I need you to know this is penance."

    • Love to watch my wife Sally subservient on her knees sucking my dick. Watching her mouth recoil when I shoot my load, her cheeks double in size. You don't get that laying down for one. I know what you mean by that spiritual thing. Sally is in another world doing it on her knees. Once we were caught by a chamber maid -- she just wouldn't stop. The CM watching became part of her thing. The dumbfounded CM just froze. Sally finished, out of breath told her 'lets keep this our secret,' and tipped her $20 in the envelope.
      Another time camping caught having sex, she ran in the woods.

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