Dorm room dare

I am a nineteen year old female. My first year of college I was very shy and afraid I wouldn't fit in. An older girl was nice to me and introduced me to several of her friends. After a few weeks of hanging out with them and getting invited to dorm parties they told me if I wanted to be part of their group, I had to do a dare. I was told to show up at a dorm two of them shared that Friday night and did so, not knowing what my dare was going to be.

All sorts of thoughts filled my head as to what they might make me do but I was determined to be brave. I had made out with a few boys in high school but was still a virgin. I just felt so self-conscious and embarrassed by my innocence, so I showed up at the dorm at 10pm, ready to submit to whatever they had planned for me.

When I went in they had a laptop set up and opened to a webcam site. They told me to sit down and start chatting with men in the main chat. Then they had me set up a room and invite people to watch me on cam. Immediately I had more than 50 men in my room, asking me to strip and touch myself! The girls told me to take off my tank top so I did. I could feel my face get hot and flushed as more and more men joined my room, flirting, begging me to get naked. I felt so nervous and awkward but part of me liked all the attention.

Then I was told to take off my skirt and lose my flipflops. By now my heart was pounding in my chest as I complied. One of the girls joined the site on her phone and told everyone in the main chat to join my room and watch me. Pretty soon I had more than 300 men watching me, lusting for me, telling me to do everything imaginable.

One of the girls told me to take off my bra. OMG I was soo scared but I knew they would tease me mercilessly if I chickened out so with trembling hands, I unhooked it and dropped the straps from my shoulders, revealing my bare breasts! I couldn't believe this was actually happening, it felt so surreal. Now there were more than 400 total strangers watching my every move as I sat there in nothing but my panties.

I had to trade erotic messages with several of the men but by now the screen scrolled with so many messages I couldn't keep up. Then I was told to strip off my panties! My whole body quivered as I pulled them down from my hips all the way to the floor and stood there totally bare in front of almost 500 lust crazed men. I felt totally exposed and embarrassed but I was also totally turned on, thinking of all those horny strangers imagining themselves with me naked!

I hit emotional overload and sat in the chair playing with myself, letting them watch! I rubbed my breasts and my belly and slid my right hand down between my thighs. I wiggled my throbbing clit n felt my mound. OMG it felt like the room was spinning as I spread myself open and started fingering my tight virgin pussy!

Once I started I couldn't stop. I bucked my hips and writhed and moaned and climaxed over and over as I felt myself all over n fingered myself silly. By now more than 500 men were watching me. Dozens of them sent messages telling me how hard they came stroking to me. As some left still more joined the room as I groped my breasts and masturbated, making myself cum more times than I could count! One of the girls had a bottle of massage oil and poured some into my hands. I rubbed it all over my body til I was hot and slippery and glistening in the light, totally exposing my most intimate parts for all those men, climaxing again and again for more than an hour until i sat limp in the chair, exhausted and overwhelmed.

Two of the girls helped me to the bathroom to shower and they brought the laptop so everyone could watch as I peed, then soaped myself up and washed myself clean in the shower. I ended up fingering my hot swollen pussy for one more intense climax before it was finally over! Even though I was completely embarrassed and exposed, I had the most mind blowing orgasms of my young life!


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  • My dorm room dare was just between me and my roomate. I have never told anyone about the blowjobs I gave him.

  • Wow!! Wish I could have watched that show! What can site were you on?

  • Ever think about fucking a guy at a dorm party, or who is in your new group?

  • Wow. Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. After all that did they accept you into your group.

  • Great story ! Thanks !

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