Just found out I'm pregnant

Well it's official I'm with child. My Dr. confirmed it today. I took a test one of the generic ones you find today at the pharmacy. It was negative. But the way I was feeling I knew it had to be wrong. I missed my period and I have been feeling sick in the morning. I don't know what I'm going to do. My husband was out of town for almost two months staying with his elderly parents. He will know that he is not the father. It just happened. What can I say I'm a slut. I was lonely and ran into an old school chum at the super market. He lives alone and I invited him over to dinner. We started to reminisce about our time in high school and he said he had a big crush on me. One thing led to another and we ended up making love on the sofa. I invited him the next evening not wanting to be alone. I felt really bad afterwards and was going to tell him it was a mistake but we made love again. We started seeing each other three or four times a week and having sex at my house. Now I have to face the music. I've told him that I'm pregnant and he is really happy and told me he loves me and always did. My husband will flip out. I don't fear him being violent but he will be angry. I will not have an abortion though. It's not the babies fault what took place. I will have this child with or without my husband but whether we stay married is up to him. I don't love my old school friend. I was just really lonely. I told my husband he needed to come home. But he kept telling me I would be fine. I didn't plan for this to happen. Not looking for any sympathy. Just to tell what happened. If I had it to do over I would not have invited him over for dinner.


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  • I told my husband that I'm pregnant when he returned from staying with his folks. He lost it and smashed an antique desk that belonged to my mother. He knows how much it meant to me. I understand his anger. He wanted to know who the father is but I won't tell him. His anger shocked and scares me. He's not normally like this. He said the thought of another man inside of me is messing with his brain. I'm truly scared for my babies daddy.

  • What did you expect? Of course he lost it. Your lucky he didn't smash your face in you dumb stupid cunt. I hope he fucking kills you both and leaves your naked bodies in the street to be picked on by wild dogs and large birds. You deserve it and more. Have a nice day.

  • The "Have a nice day" was a nice touch there.

  • I thought so too. You don't think I was too harsh with the hope he kills you both bit do you?

  • You're scared for him? Not yourself or your baby?

  • Just say you ran out of hot water went to friends to use his bath and you shared his bath water and he must've cum in it so you got pregnant?

  • My second wife had an affair with a former lover that lasted for years. She was doing this guy 2 or 3 times a week and I never knew. How she never got pregnant with him I will never know.
    The way i found out about it was during a big fight we had and it just came out.Needless to say we have been on the rocks ever since that time , I guess we will finally get a divorce I can't live this way.

  • You are in real trouble, if you keep the child , you will loss your husband , if you abort you will have lost your marriage anyway.

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