Friend over

As a school hol had my friend stay over we only 15 and she very pretty big boob ebony girl well that night as going bed she asked if had night dress she could use i said i sleep naked so dont have any and got undressed and got in bed naked she looked unsure but took bra of keeped knickers on well we chatted for while then she said was going sleep i was so horny wanted get close touch but felt better not was restless and softly touching a boob and gently touching pussy hoping she not wake up was doing for about 5 min and she turned over smiled asking if wanted hand and befor i know what was hap[ed she touching my boob and moved closer started kissing neck and then my mouth i started rubing bit harder and open legs a bit she looked at me asking ever been with another girl i said no she said neither have i fancy letting me try and as was saying moved her hand down to my pussy felt strange someone else touching i open legs more as she played with me and as was doing sat up a bit lowering a nipple into my mouth so started sucking and hand closer to her moved towards her pussy she open her legs letting me touch and slowley got each other wet and enjoying she asked am i a virgin i said yes she replyed so never had pussy sucked etc i looked at her asking what mean so she got on top me and giving me close view said i do to you try do same back and with that she lowered head and started flicking my clit with her toung and pulled my pussy wide with her fingers then felt toug poke into my hole felt good so i tryed to we had good night hope stayys over agine want more but dose that mean im lesbian or will be diffrent with a man ?

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  • You are not neccessarliy a lesbia.n i..You just experimenting, ....By her asking ..qoute" if wanted a hand"..." before kmnowing what was happening" ... "she was touching your boob"..."kissing then started rubing harder"... ...quote...."Your legs open a bit she looked at me asking ever been with another girl.. i said no she said neither have i " ... ( so being both Virgins ) wanting to experiment....."her hand down to your "virgin" pussy.. feltling strange" ...allowing someone else touch your i open legs playing with you,...sucking on her nipple into your mouth"..... .." sher opening her legs letting you touch and get each other wet ! "... ( When asking if you .....she asked you are youa vvirgin ? replying .."i a virgin ..her reply her also as she replyed ......" never had pussy sucked etc i "

    She got on topyou and giving you a me close view s ( you lucky girl ! ) asking ..."do you want to try something? lowering her head and starting to flickingyour " clit" with her tongue",...... "pulled your pussy wide with fingering it ...poking your pussy. into your still "virgin woman love hole" ... felling so d-mn good...

    Now you desire more as what you and her experienced was so great. . but dose that mean im lesbian or will be diffrent with a man ? No might ne straight and just experiemented with another girl, ..( or ) you might be Bii-sexual, ... Remembr many girls experiemnt sexually do many boys experiment too.

  • Ffs take a breather

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