Why are you here then?

Why are you here, then?

Anyone who thinks the posts on these sites are any less than 99.999000043% bullshit is being absurd. But it's only a nanogram less absurd (and hilarious) when people get all pissy saying stories are bullshit. Brilliant conclusion guys.

Or also when people react with disgust to some of the things here... Ok, so please explain why you are in the family section of a site like this? I know why I am here, something happened when I was young, making it a lifelong issue and these sites provide a relief from that tension, if only briefly

I will say though, the spelling errors of the most repetitive posts are pretty hilariously bizarre.

Now go jerk off pretending its your family members or something (that's why you are here dudes), and get some sleep.

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  • Someone wrote below: "Courts have ruled that the mere written word is not prosecutable when there is no attempt to engage in the actual act. " Right, it's freedom of expression. It's fantasy with no intention of acting on it.

  • My mom hasn't been with her boyfriend, and I haven't been with my girlfriend for six weeks. We are both so fucking horny. We knew that we could keep a secret between us. We were watching some soft-core porn on Cinemax Saturday night, that really got us going. We ended up fucking half the night. Because it was taboo made it even hotter!

  • Family is totally hot!!

  • Family sex I mean lol

  • Nobody believes that you fucked your daughter, sucked your dog's dick, or any of that bullshit. We ain't here to jerk off to some pathetic wet dream. We want to jerk off to some quality content. Now get with the program and bust a load, or get tf out.

  • I'm a 66 year old man, and for a big portion of my life, a serial voyeur. My peeping stories on here are true. I have written some bullshit on here, but it doesn't even amount to 10 % of my output, and didn't involve peeping.

  • Okay Mike P.

  • Mike P is in your mouth, Mother !

  • Like I said below, I am talking about the incest stories, particularly the underage incest stories

  • Truth is stranger than fiction, and I can assure you that many of the stories I write myself have either come from reliable sources who experienced it themselves or I myself have experienced first hand what I'm writing. In fact, I would say only .1% of the stories I write on here are fiction.
    When you, your girlfriend, and most your friends are nymphomaniacs, it's not hard tell crazy sex stories, because that shit actually happens.

  • I mean all the incest stories, particularly the underage incest stories...

  • Did I say I write that crap? No. I said all the stuff I write. What, you think there is only one contributor to this site? Dumbshit.

  • You had better get used to the fact that incest really does happen. People sure aren't going to broadcast it to the family, friends, and neighbors. They keep it a secret. With people being cooped up now, sometimes away from their bf, or gf for weeks with no sex, it's even more likely to happen.

  • Incest does happen and it always will. As long as its consensual and the people concerned have reached or going through puberty then i have no problem with it. Puberty should indicate someones readiness for sex not age, in my opinion.

  • I disagree but thats ok

  • Hi, could you tell me why you disagree?

  • My mom started before puberty. I am not saying its for everyone but i loved it.

  • Shouldn't happen before puberty

  • Dont care what you say

  • It's nature that tells man that a woman is ready for sex ie puberty.

  • Its about pleasure, not physical ability to reproduce...

  • Disagree, puberty is the natural green light ;-)

  • Nah

  • What age though?

  • Can’t say here. Give me an email address

  • Thats less secure than an anonymous site....

  • The FBI watches this site

  • What federal crimes are being committed on this site ? I know a lot of the stories are criminally stupid, suggest and portray despicable things, but, what crimes at a federal level, are being committed ?

  • Good, I hope they do. All the sick motherfuckers on here posting about little kids is just fucking gross. I hope they catch everyone of them and chop off their balls.

  • Link to proof that the FBI is monitoring this site? This is just a bunch of lonely dudes with enough of a moral compass to not actually do this shit.

    FBI monitoring this site is a total waste of resources when the matter is considered broadly. I have seen no posts of actual child porn. I have seen no attemps to set up meetings with children. Courts have ruled that the mere written word is not prosecutable when there is no attempt to engage in the actual act. It's the dark web and real-time chat rooms where that shit happens.

  • It’s a surveillance program called Creeper, that watches and monitors web messages and content, when the count gets high enough they kick in another program to sweep and correlate IP, and when that matches with known circles then cases go the FISA court. But the DOJ might use the info for other purposes.

  • So?

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