Belly bumping fetish

So first things first I guess, I’m a make in his late 20’s so that might explain the oddness of it, but my question is does anyone else have this fetish? So specifically, I like it when 2 bigger women bump and rub their bellies together. Also I like it when a big girl bumps and rubs her belly against my belly. Just curious if anyone else has this fetish too, seems pretty rare.

9 months ago

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    • I'm a male as well and I also have this fetish. I'm not attracted to any actions that include bellies other than belly bumping itself. It's weird, nobody else seems to have it but it's something that has just happened. Back when I was 8 years old, I had gotten an iPod and stumbled across a video that included belly bumping, and it somehow kept with me. I then tried it out and it was then confirmed to be my fetish. I don't necessarily know how it got there, and it is really weird to me, but it just feels good but I just can't explain how. In conclusion, you're not alone man, it's tough living with this fetish while nobody else has it.

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