Covid shot

The Mayo Clinic is obviously keeping track of data on the COVID cases. They released findings on the shot and found it dropped to less than 50% effective after 3 months. WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF SHIT IS THAT??? That's not a fucking vaccine, that's bullshit big pharmaceutical companies draining the taxpayers. And before all you fucking assholes tell me to die, you should look at the numbers. For every 4 persons getting diagnosed with Covid and going into the hospital, 3 of them are fucking "vaccinated". Someone comes in who's been vaccinated and the fucking media won't say a word. Someone comes in unvaccinated and it's fucking world news. People need to wake the fuck up and start calling the media and big pharmaceutical companies out on their bullshit lies.

10 months ago


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    • Typical fucken Americans complain about anything and everything

    • Quit whining and get off your ass!

    • Typical 3rd world chimp chiming in.
      Stay in your shithole where you belong.

    • Fuck off

    • There's something in there that simulates puberty -- my theory. I got more body hair and my penis got fatter. My wife swears it did. I know my dick -- it did.

    • I know my dick got more girth after the shot and I can fuck longer too

    • Bull

    • Is that what you get fucked by daily?

    • To all the sheep that fell in line and got their shots you’ll be told to get a booster every year. Fuck that

    • The US makes up 4% of the world population but 20% of the covid cases.

    • The US also has more illegal aliens sneaking in it's borders than any other country.

    • What? That’s some wack info you’re putting out there.

    • More caterwauling from an imbecile.

    • Yep, that’s all you do.

    • LOL ! That's your witty rejoinder ? Gee, why don't you just say, "I know you are but what am I ? " Back to the playground, sonny !

    • Keep flailing, incel. Some day you might amount to something but most people would never hold their breath waiting.
      Fuck off and stay fucked off!!

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