i miss sexting

I once texted with another man i met on line , he was the only on i have ever texted with . we ended up making our selves cum as we talked to each other , i only did it that one time . now i am in y sixties and i find i miss it so much , i don't know where to find another man to sext with ,

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  • Jsteele5250@gmail.com

  • Fake promises , all fake ...

  • You can sext with me. Better yet why don't you come over to my house. Do you like watching movies? How about drinking beer? How would you feel about having another man masturbate you while drinking beer and watching a movie? My name is Davey and I was in the Navy. I love playing with other men's cocks. Let s get together and have some fun.

  • Okay you talked me into it lets hook up. I love all those things. You can start the movie now and have the beer real cold.

  • I’m here for you, honey. Would you like to sext with me? I’ll make you cum as you moan my name.

  • I would love to. Contact information

  • Pinedlee@yahoo.com
    Mention something naughty so I know it’s you.

  • Wayneblueheart@gmail.com . please be honest , i am really tired of the fake lies and promises.

  • I’m a male and love sexting.

  • #Me Too lets gets busy?

  • Hmm well im male as well . trust that is not an issue .

  • I don’t have a problem with that. I sext with men too. I also like phone sex. Let me know how to contact you. I’m sure I can make you cum

  • Yeah right your probably either a 60 year old man or a 12 year old wanker which ones the ?

  • I want to eat your pussy until you cum on my face

  • Morgran.kendricks@gmail.com on hangouts

  • Also wayneblueheart@gmail.com

  • By the way i live in the mountains above Aspen , so no cell phone service up here , sorry .

  • Just text you on hangouts

  • I was waiting on hangouts for u. I’m lying on my bed naked with a hard on.

  • Hmmm you must be on another hangout , or not there

  • I’m not on right now I was just jerking off thinking about fucking ass. I’m 62 btw

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