I could not believe we did it

I went to my sisters wedding about fifteen years ago alone, I was not dating anyone and had not even gone on a date in over a year let alone had sex. I was working long days trying to prove myself since I graduated college and started working full time at one of the companies I had interned.
The wedding went really great, we all went to the reception which was a full on great time with an open bar and a great band. I woke up the next morning and looked over at a brunette laying in the bed next to me, I could not see her face completely but a chill ran thru my body as mind started clearing out the fuzziness. It was my cousin.
I laid there with a hundred things running thru my mind, I was naked and so was she from the look of her bare shoulders and a little bit of upper back. I lifted up the covers and sure enough she was naked all the way down, I dropped the covers back down and rolled over onto my back and took in a deep breath. I tried to remember when this became a good idea last night but could not come up with anything. We had made out a few times when we were teens, copped a few feels but never went beyond that and this felt like we had gone well beyond just touching.
I slowly got out of bed and headed to the shower, I was in there for about five minutes when I heard the distinct sound of peeing. She pulled the curtain back and came into the tub, I stood there putting on a smile and told her good morning. She came right over to me and told me the hot water feels good, I felt her body pressed into mine and thought well this is nice. We had fun in the shower and then in the bed again, showered off again and started getting dressed. She gave me a look and asked me if I would mind swinging by her place so she could get something else to wear besides a bridesmaid dress before breakfast. I told her sure and we headed out, my phone was ringing while she was getting changed, it was my mom and she asked me if I had breakfast yet. No, well where are you at and can we meet you there, I was stumbling on my words and she asked me what was wrong so I just told her I was picking up Lisa and would meet them at the restaurant.
She came out and got into the car and I told her the breakfast plan, the first thing she asked was if I told them we fucked last night then she laughed like crazy. I gave her a look and told her of course not so lets not bring that up, she laughed again then asked if talking about the shower this morning was off limits too.
Breakfast went good, we managed to sell a story that she asked me to breakfast so we could catch up but no big deal and we all just ate then said good bye to them. We went back to her place and talked for a bit then she asked me when I had to go to the airport. I told her I was on a pretty late flight and had to get there around eight, she smiled at me and said good so we can have some more fun today. I figured she meant something like going somewhere and seeing old places we hung out but she did not, she meant more sex.
I boarded my flight feeling like I had run a marathon that day, I was tired but also had some great memories of the day. She was a really sex crazed woman and I had done things with her I had never done with a any woman. She asked me when I was leaving when I thought I would be coming back to town to see my sister and I was completely honest with her and told her probably a few years but have never gone back there because we always meet down at my parents place for the holidays. We talked a few times the first few years but nothing more than that but it was some of the best sex I have had in my life and was seriously sorry we are cousins because I would have loved to continue it.

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  • You should continue with your cousin if thats what you both want. Life is too short.

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