Want her mom instead

I'm dating this nice girl, we've been friends for a couple of years and just decided to deepen the relationship as boyfriend/girlfriend. She's pretty, but pretty flat chested and skinny.

I met her mom for the first time a few weeks ago and holy shit, she looks amazing: bubble ass, nice firm tits, great legs, and curvy in all the right places. It's been warm and her mom likes to wear spandex/lycra running shorts and tank tops. She is really nice, and knows that I've been screwing her daughter. But holy fuck half of the time I'm banging away on my girlfriend I'm thinking about nailing her mom. She is totally milf cougar and sexy af. Maybe that makes me a bad person, but fuck, it's true. I'd give anything to fuck her mom from behind.

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  • You want to be a Muther fucker

  • I had the same situation, sort of. My girlfriend's Mom said I could sleep with her daughter in the house "so I know she's somewhere safe." So every night I would spend a while fucking the daughter until she came. Then whether or not I had come, I would wait a little until she was asleep or pretending to be asleep, then I would go the the room next door and ball her Mom, starting with telling her to lick her daughter's pussy juices off my cock.
    This went on for about 5 months, every night, until my girlfriend dumped me for other reasons. Never talked to either of them since.

  • Wake up Junior, you have creamed your shorts.

  • It's the forbidden fruit thing I'm sure - I'm the same but the other direction...and probably quite common reading this site - but I'm dating a great girl but, hell, I'd prefer to be with her daughter lol

  • ^^ tell more how old? ^^

  • Her eldest is 19, slim and very sexy - very very fuckable! She has a younger one too (12) but that's a little young lol

  • I can tell you from first hand experience that it is possible to get with the mother, but it will take LOTS of work, persistence, and be prepared for lots of fights.
    I too was dating a girl who was really nice, but like you she was skinny with no curves. Her mother on the other hand had an amazing body who I thought was my girlfriends sister when I first met her.
    I started flirting with her mother and eventually asked her out. At first she was shocked and asked me how I could ask her out while dating her daughter. I assured her I meant no disrespect and told her that her daughter and I were rolling things back and only being friends. It was true, I had already been telling my girlfriend we made better friends than lovers. I stopped having sex with her as a way to prove it. Then I set her up with one of my friends.
    I pursued her mother for months, asking her out ever single time I saw her until finally she got tired of me asking. I basically wouldn't take no for an answer. We started dating in secret because she didn't want anyone to know, but her daughter found out and was pissed. Her family was pissed at me, our friends were pissed at me, my family was pissed at me, basically everyone we knew was pissed at us, but we didn't give a shit.
    Her mother and I eventually got married and we been married now for 20 years. So I can assure you it can work. You may just want to look at her mother's mother first. Just to see how the mon will look. My wife's mother was still attractive at 60 when I met my future wife, so I knew eventhough my wife was 14 years older than me, she would still be hot 20+ years down the road, and I was right. She's still smoking hot and still looks like her daughter's sister.

  • With help I can help make this happen

  • Don't feel bad, cause I would be thinking about banging Mom as well!

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