Doing a favor??

I go to school with a guy who I'll call wes he is in special ed for a speech impediment and is supposedly autistic, but very smart and talented. unfortunately he's very awkward and doesn't have good social skills. I'm still nice to him and talk to him since people tease him about it and he's a nice guy.
the other day he sat next to me on the bus, and the girls in back of us were talking about sex. wes innocently asked me if all girls do *that* and "when are you supposed to?" I told him lots of people have sex, but there's no specific age you have to do it. he asked me if I'd had sex, which I have. he told me (again, very innocently and sweetly) that he wants to have sex someday but doesn't know how or with who.
that gave me an idea. I've been single for a while and unfortunately, horny. since wes doesnt have much luck with girls, I've been thinking of asking him if he'd like to have sex with me, no strings attached. he'd be getting some experience and maybe even build some confidence with girls while I satisfy my needs. of course I'd make sure to use condoms and I'm already on the pill so I wouldn't get pregnant.
what do you guys think? should I try it?

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  • By all means let him have you but lay down rules first and have a safe word then let him enjoy you and you him.

  • My first thought here was that he might develop feeling for you that might complicate things. I'm not saying don't do it. Just make it clear to him that it's just as friends and nothing more. And let him know that it might be a one time thing only. I think what you're offering is a wonderful thing. You are probably going to have to help him through the whole thing. (Orally etc.) No matter how it turns out make him think he was very special. Everyone deserves to have sex at some point in their life. And I think you're right about it lifting his self esteem. I would expect to hear that others will find out so be ready for that.

  • I'd say there's a 99% chance he'll catch feelings. Hopefully, she will too. It would be nice if someone found some happiness in this cold dark fucking world.

  • It is sweet that you want to do this for him but I do think it would be very bad for him. Don't do it.

  • If he is so innocent that he has to ask you these questions my guess is you will start a fire that can't be put out and he will get burnt. Anyone who has been in love and cut away can tell you how emotionally devastating it is, even to those of us who are supposed to be have intellectual and emotional stability which he may not.

  • NO! Don't do it!

    I have a son with autism, and I can be completely honest in telling you that it would mess with his head. You will regret it. He will get hurt. Bad. When he goes to you and tell you he loves you and you tell him that it was only sex, it will break him. He would have spent his whole life trying to fit in. He will be crushed and think there is something wrong with him and that he is unloveable. Please don't :(

  • I wouldn't. If this guy has sensory issues and he's on the spectrum, he may not be able to handle this "no-strings" arrangement. This is not something you want to play with. Especially if he doesn't even really understand what this all entails. No reason to use the guy. You are not a guy.

  • Gee there are some very hurtful people here.

    It sounds like a wonderful gift you can offer the boy.

  • You are evil.

  • Give him a memory he will remember for the rest of his life!

  • Yes give him HIV.

  • Despite all the rude comments, I think it's actually ok. You may need to think about it a little more, after all he's never had sex therefore doesn't know what to do and might be a little awkward. Other than that, I think you should go for it! :)

  • You're not thinking. That's the problem.

  • Wow u other guys on here are just jealous cuz u can't get a girl so stfu and stay over there little bitches as to the writer of this post go for it as long as u want to and he's OK with it it can be a learning experience for the both of you'd
    Good luck
    -ted 8144748346 thou if anyone who reads this is bored

  • Jealous, christ, is that all you can come up with? get a job! i'm too busy for your inadequacies.

  • Yes because it's always the jealously card and could not be anything else other then what your narrow minded brain could produce if you can even call it a brain. Move on in life if a comment seriously bothers you, how sad.

  • You must have low self esteem to sleep with a retard

  • Get back to the street corner slut.

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