Should i Go All The Way

At home its me and my son, my husband is out of the picture, my son is 18,
I am 41, we live in the country neither of us go much after work on the farm plus not much cash, so we are together a lot, we use to sleep in the same bed till he was 14, I made his sleep in his own room the reason, occasions I was sleeping on my side I awoke with my bottom in my sons lap I didn't think anything about it until I awoke one morning feeling horney my sons cock was rock hard between the cheeks of my bottom he was humping me I froze for a while I admit I was enjoying it, and responding going wetter and wetter, at the same time I was thinking its wrong, I let him carry on for a while I was enjoying it I don't know if it was intentional he penetrated me and within seconds he ejaculated in me the hot sperm felt really good, He wants sex regularly he keeps grabbing me I have to wear trousers other wise he would be up me, he nearly seceded he had me over the kitchen table, I want to and I don't because its taboo, would anybody like to comment good or bad

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  • My mom and I were reading some of these posts and got so horny we ended up fucking most of last night. OMG it was so fucking good!!

  • One good thing about lockdown, it probably increased this

  • Definitely!

  • Lucky you!!

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  • Get lost loser,

  • Go for it. You are both consenting adults.

  • I have wondered how much incest happens and who with

  • Alot! Mostly siblings

  • Being shut-in could last forever as far as I'm concerned. My very sexy mom has gotten so horny because she hasn't been with her boyfriend for weeks. I've shot my cum on my stomach many times thinking of her. Last weekend she was in front of her big dresser mirror drying her long brown hair wearing just a thin little robe that barely covered her nice ass.

    I came up behind her in my boxers with a big woody. I got behind my mom and started rubbing my cock against her ass. To my elation, she didn't say or do anything, just kept drying her hair. I reached around her opening her robe enough to reveal her great tits to me. They are so round and not much smaller than grapefruits. My mom put down her hairdryer and opened her robe showing me her entire frontal in the big mirrors reflection. I could see her face, her tits, and down to my mom's brown pubic triangle.

    I reached around her taking a tit in each hand and began fondling them firmly. In the reflection I could see her areolas, round like silver dollars, and her nipples like little sausages sticking out almost a half inch. I started twisting and pulling on her nipples. My mom started moaning. I reached up and taking the top of her robe in my hands, I slid it down and off her hot sexy body. Now she stood in front of the mirror completely nude.

    My cock was so hard and pointing at the ceiling as I slid down my boxers stepping out of them. My mom had a devilish grin on her face as I leaned her forward, spreading her legs a couple of feet apart.

  • My twin sons and I have been at it for years. I'm 65 now they are 45. They were 14 when it began. It was same as you ex-husband not around. We started sharing my bed when the twins were 12.

    Then as they hit their teens they both started touching me. It felt so good. I taught them to make love to me. Sex has never been that good with anyone else. I cum every single time with the twins. After 31 years they still constantly use me, it is incredible having them both make love to me.

    They cum in me every time. At 40 i was impregnated and we have a beautiful daughter all both love.

    I know that my love for the twins is stronger than it could be with any man.
    All mothers should be with their sons as no man can give love them and sexually satisfy them as well.

    I'm am so lucky I have two handsome strong and intelligent sons who make my life perfect sexually and emotionally.

  • "All mothers should be with their sons as no man can give love them and sexually satisfy them as well."

    I think society has it backwards. Its the moms that DONT pleasure their little boys who are being abusive. its her duty.

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  • He'll yeah, let your son plow your hot pussy till the cows come home. No better sex than between a mother and her son, the love is stronger than between any husband and wife, and the sex is unbelievable.

  • Yes you should. You both want it, you son is of age, go for it!

  • Hi, whats happening between you and your son isn't wrong. You both have needs and why not take care of each other's needs. You and your son are enjoying this new found intimacy. Should you go all all the way? I would say absolutely yes! Why deny yourself something that you both want. You and your son do need to work out whether you are a couple or family with benefits. I think it would be beneficial to reach an understanding. Also, are you still able to conceive? If so, you should use birth control. If you and your son are happy then don't worry what other people think. You and your son can go on to have a healthy sex life and i see no problems with this at all.

  • Thanks for your reply I was thinking why deny both of some pleasure why not enjoy each other I know its wrong but that that what has made it good doing something wrong, as I said I had to wear trousers, well I decided to go for it I put on just a tee shirt and a very short skirt without underwear, it didn't take much for it to happen, I leaned over the table pretending to read a mag he pulled his cock out and fu---d me it didn't last long after we went up stairs and got naked and we had a real session after I felt as if ide been drilled

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  • Get lost loser boy.

  • You're welcome. What makes you think its wrong? In some countries incest between adults is actually legal. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having sex with your son. Its natural for a mother and son to be close.

  • I was seduced when I was 15 by a friends mom, had a ton of fun, wish I could find that now lol, God bless her. My mom was single, slept in same house every night. I never once ever thought of touching my mom in a sexual way. “That’s fucked” but each to their own maybe, no judging.

    Send your son to one of your friends. And go get a single guy to fuck you.

    Many stories like this, maybe it is good times, he is 18 and sounds like he knows what he is doing.
    My two sense.

    I call bs on this story

  • I think its about preference.

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