Day dream

When my husband is away working on the Oil rigs, week on week off, I find myself at home alone day dreaming. When he is home it's great as his is mine 24 / 7 and I get all the action between the sheets and anywhere else we fancy doing it, it's great, but when he is away I get lonely and the need to be held and fucked is uppermost in my mind. I don't want to have an affair and I have lots of toys to keep me amused while he is away.

During the summer months I lay in bed till mid day when he is away and if I feel like some action I will use my Rampant Rabbit vibrator, never fails to do it's job.

I was in bed one morning and I was watching an old black and white film, can't remember the title, there was no nudity or sex, but it struck a chord with me. I drifted off to sleep and I must have had the strangest dream as I woke in a sweat and almost sobbing. I tried to remember the dream and I can vividly remember I was married to someone else not my husband, I was waiting at the front door and I was dressed in the style that would have been the fashion during the 1940's 50's. I was waiting for my husband at the door, when he arrived it was a complete stranger, although I acted as I knew him? I had dinner prepared and we ate, all the time he was running his hand up and down my legs feeling for my stocking tops. After dinner we cleared up and he just told me to strip, which as a dutiful housewife I did, off came my dress and slip, so I was standing in my bra, knickers, suspender belt and nylon stockings, I remember feeling vulnerable, and my husband assisted to remove the rest of my clothing until I was nude. He made me suck his cock until he was big and hard and all the time he was trying to fondle my large free swinging breasts.

He told me to lie on the floor and he stripped and got on top of me and fucked me, I closed my eyes as if some sub conscious thought told me this was wrong and it was not my husband and I didn't want to look into his eyes when he or I climaxed. I can't remember anymore, as I must have woken up before either of us climaxed in my dream?

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  • You can message me and we can have some hot fun i won't leave u alone all day..

    Message me on my Snapchat account (hotboy14171) or tell any other ur email or account where we can talk

  • Unm, NO. Roughnecks work 30 days on, not 7 days. I worked a few oil rigs when I was younger, and it hasn't changed.

  • North Sea rigs when they were a week on week off

  • Your son has heard your Rampant Rabbit running and jacked off watching you. Now he has come to your bed and fucked you as you slept. It was his sweat all over you.

  • We don't have any kids

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