Wife's Abnormal Behavior

We been married for some time and I'm thinking of ending our marriage. We have conversations about our marriage. She knows I cheat on her now and then but doesn't mind if it keeps our marriage going. Whenever I'm really horny she masturbate me until I come or she lets me abuse her long saggy tits.
Recently she got out of character. Going braless around the house and wearing see thru nightgowns. Now and then she showers with the bathroom door open. I caught our son trying to get a quick feel of his mother's breasts and she pushed his hand away. I asked her what was going on with her. "Nothing, just trying to keep you interested so you won't leave." "All you need to do is fuck!" I snapped back. "You can fuck others instead of me." she answered back.
Then one night she didn't close the bedroom door while I rubbed my cock across her big saggy tits and my son saw it. "Jason just saw us!" I told her. "So? No big deal! He seen my breasts before!" she replied backed. I didn't care for her attitude. "Would seeing him play with my tits turn you on." she said as she tried to go back to sleep.
Then one day at the time I usually get home I saw my wife being fondled by our son. I think she planned it on purpose. She motion me to come closer and started rubbing my privates as she fed Jason a tit. "You're a sick bitch!" I said. "If this helps to keep us together, I'll keep doing it for you!"
Whenever I was real horny and needed an orgasm she called our son into the bedroom and let him play with her tits while she stroked me. She seemed content with our relationship and got her sister to fuck me.


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  • Jesus, more crap incest shit.

  • Nobody's making you read these if you don't like them then leave

  • Or simply denounce it, and read another confession and hope incest is not involved in that one.

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