Really Weird But Grateful Of Wife

It happened when married to my first wife. Wife had big saggy tits and a hairy dark snatch. She wouldn't let me eat her or blow me so I kept giving her cream pies until it made her pregnant. My wife got the neighbor's teen girl to babysit the baby. She was a chubby girl. My boss sent me home early one day. I didn't send the babysitter home but woofed down a few beers. I gave the babysitter a beer which I knew was wrong. I started to get a buzz and the babysitter looked tempting to me.I think the beer she drank affected her. I pulled out my dick and began playing with it. The babysitter ignored what I was doing. I told her my wife won't blow me. Then I said to the babysitter if she blew me , she would get paid well. I guess she liked the offer. As she was blowing me I kept trying to feel her small tits.
I was enjoying my cock being sucked, that I didn't realized my wife was home. "Enjoying that blow job that I won't give you." said my wife. I thought hell was going to break loose but it didn't. My wife got down on her knees and pull out one of her long saggy tit and said, " Like sucking on my hubby? You'll enjoy sucking my tit if you still want to babysit. " My wife began removing the babysitter's clothes, exposing her chunky young body. " She got no tits ! " my wife said as she ran her hand over them and said , "She doesn't have a hairy snatch like mine," My wife told the sitter to let me lick it as my wife fed the sitter her hanging saggy tits in the sitter's face. "I'll pay you extra if you do oral sex with my husband now and then while I watch, but no penetration!" Then I told my wife I wanted her to masturbate me all over the babysitter's fat body especially her small tits.
This went on for a little while until I met and married my second wife who was Bi and enjoyed swinging.

1 month ago

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    • When I was 16 yo or so, I used to babysit a year old boy. When he would not go to sleep, I used to offer my budding tits to him to suck on while I fingered my pussy. I used to have great orgasm every time I did that!

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