Breast Play Fetish

My wife is a few years older and has long saggy breasts. I married her because of her tits. She married me because I had some stamina and a bit above average cock. She has a big dark hairy bush. She is originally from the Slavic countries overseas. I met her thru the personals on the internet. I fell in love with he the first time we fucked. She said my age didn't bother her and I had the tool to make her happy.
She never denied me sex and went along with whatever I wanted. I tit fucked her a lot and shot heavy loads over her hairy cunt during the first years of our marriage. She would go braless around the house and I would grab and squeeze her tits. She would cook breakfast topless and I would grab a spatula and smack her tits with it.
I was feeling dirty and naughty one evening while she giving me head and I was playing with her tits. "I want to see you in a rope bra." I said. "Rope bra?" she said and didn't know what it was. I shot my load and she used my cock to rub it across her mouth.
We freshened up and I showed her pics of it on the computer. "Yes I would like that" as she dangled her breasts in my face. The next day I brought home smooth soft clothesline from the hardware store. We watched a tutorial on the computer. She took all of her clothes off and stood there while made a rope that held up her big saggy tits. She looked hot being tied in rope that I removed my clothes and made her bend over and fucked her doggy style slapping those roped up tits. She seemed to enjoy it and didn't say a word to me.
It started to be a regular thing for us, in that she tied my dick and balls and slapped the shit out of it. I bought a flogging whip which we both used on each other. She kept asking me to tie the rope harder and harder around her tits until they began to be purple and her nipples enlarged. I would flog her nipples and she would pee out onto the floor.
We are still experimenting with kinky sexual behavior and she's willing to join a fetish activity club with me. She studied and has become a USA citizen.

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  • You could come and play with my huge floppy tits if you like. I would rub them all over your face and you could titty fuck me also. My husband use to enjoy me slapping his face with them. Now he has trouble getting and maintaining an erection/boner. I'm 49 by the way. Name is Liz.

  • You are on the path to sexual sorcery. Let us know how it progresses.

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