My husband lost a bet...

So my husband lost a stupid bet with his best friend. I can tell his best friend has always liked me by the way he treats me and looks at me. He is married, as are we. Husband told me that terms of the bet if he lost is that his friend could make a move on me. I laughed and thought ok- whatever. So he can try to touch my boob or something? Is that what you mean? What if I don't let him? He said, “just let him - I will be there and will make sure he doesn't hurt you, if it leads to more, you have my permission to not stop and go as far as you want.” I thought this was a weird conversation and brushed it off. A few weeks later, I was ovulating and begging my husband to fuck me. I have never been on birth control and we had talked about getting pregnant. The thought of feeling him fill me up that day kept me so hot. Problem is, I couldn't get my husband to do it and we were also busy to get ready to have friends over for a pool party at our place with our closest friends. We had about 20 or so people coming to hang out including some of our work friends and my boss. Everyone arrives and is having a good time out by the pool. My husband whispers in my ear and asks me to check something in our bedroom upstairs and he follows me. I get to the room and my husbands best friend is there waiting. His friend asked me to sit on the bed and began to explain that my husband lost a bet and he was ready to redeem. I laughed and said “this is stupid- what does it have to do with me”. He explained what he had really won. My fucking husband said he could go bareback in me and breed me with his seed. I thought wtf....seriously?! My husband profusely apologized. I was already horny from being on my ovulation days and for some reason didnt get that mad- Im usually a sex monster when ovulating. As I sat there, logically thinking went out the window. My husbands bff walked close to me and grabbed my boob. I grabbed his cock through his swim shorts and pulled them down. He was massive. I couldnt believe I was going along with this. I was so pissed off at my husband I started to feel like Im going to do this as revenge for betting ME and he has to watch. I couldn't help myself as I started to suck his friend’s cock. I was getting turned on by everything all of a sudden. I didnt expect this. I saw my husband out of the corner of my eye and he looked like he was freaked out. I looked at him pissed off that he did this. The whole time I took his friends cock in, I stared at my husband. I recently learned how to deep throat and it drives my husband wild and “our thing” so I took his best friend deep but he was bigger than my hubby so I couldn't go balls deep. I saw my husbands mouth drop like “I cant believe you just did that”. I started to get so turned on by his bff so I leaned back on the bed, pulled his cock to my hole and tried to work him in. My hole was a lot smaller than him. His dick wasn't super long, maybe a inch or two more than average but it was very girthy and this is something i am not use to. We slowly worked at it and it went in and I cried out in pain and excitement. My husband walked over and covered my mouth to remind me we had people downstairs and at the pool. My husband held my arms down and started to kiss my neck and try to make out with me while his friend had his way with me. I was so turned on and not expecting to be. I grabbed my husbands cock and started to blow him while I was still being fucked. I couldn’t go deep at the angle I was laying but I could tell it still felt great for him. He looked like he was going to blow his load already. I didn't want to embarrass him by letting him cum so quickly in front of his friend so I slowed down with him and let him enjoy it all. His friend said he was about to cum and moments later exploded inside me. This was my first time being filled up with cum and I enjoyed it. His dick was so big around and I was small and tight and I felt every bit of his dick pumping and twitching in my pussy. My husband jumped off the bed, fist pumped his friend and said “we are cool now, right?!” His friend winked at me and said yep- enjoy the the way, your husband prob didn't tell you, you guys have to raise it as your own or else I will tell everyone you let me fuck your wife. He pulled out his phone and snapped a photo of me laying there with his cum running out of my pussy and one of all three of us. Maybe it was the dominating tone but I so horny by all this. He had photos he could show anyone at the drop of a hat if he wanted to. This made me nervous and gave me a weird sense of excitement. I said- well it would be obvious if its not our kid, you are black so you prob wouldn't have to explain much.

His friend never made me cum so my husband rubbed my clit how I liked and fucked me using his friends cum as lube. In no time I was squirting everywhere and he blew his load in me and I noticed his bff in the corner stroking himself watching us. Bff said hubby never told him I was a squirter. He asked if we can do this again sometime. I said NO WITH A BIG ASS grin on my face. We all got dressed and headed back to the pool. No one knew we were even missing. I laid on a empty lounger next to his wife and she started talking to Me and my boss about her work problems. I laid there with my sunnies on trying to not grin. She had no idea that my pussy was still filled with her husbands cum and that experience turned me on so bad. I never really liked his wife. I found her quite annoying actually. Miss always right about everything. My husband got in the pool and Was looking up at me sitting by his bffs wife and he he knew I couldn't stand her. I bent my knees up on the lounger and spread my legs slightly. No one knew or could see anything but I know my husband knew I was turned on sitting with his friend’s wife.

That evening my husband and I had sex again and it was the best sex of our life. A month later we found out I had in fact been breed and I was sort of bummed that it was his bff’s since he came first. His sperm had to have beat my husbands to the egg. My husband decided to tell me his friend shot blanks and its why him and his wife couldn't get preg and why he went along with that part of the bet. I have no idea if my husband lied and I have no idea who's child is actually in me. I guess we will find out when it is born. As I mentioned before, his bff is black so it should be obvious. This is going to make a awkward delivery.


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