I got sick my first time. WTF!

I finally decided that I would take the next step. I had been fooling around and kissing a man but that was it. Just light touching and kissing and fondling. I decided that I wanted more. So the guy I was making out with I went for it. I got down between his legs and then I undressed him pulling down his pants and underwear. Then I started to lick him. All was going really great. His cock was so good. I was scared at first but I was really turned on. It tasted great. He began to leak a bit and that was good. I sucked on him and we both got wet and sloppy. His cock and my mouth. After about 20 minutes of sucking and stroking he filled my mouth full of his cum. It was just a tad bit salty but I managed to get it all down. That's when things started to go wrong. I wanted him to fuck me but my stomach felt queasy a bit. I dry heaved a few times and then I fucking threw up all over the carpet. Does this happen often after swallowing a huge load of cum? Like I explained this was my first time sucking another guy off. I really wanted to feel him inside of me but my stomach was so upset he went home. I hope this doesn't keep happening to me. I so enjoyed sucking his cock and his cum.

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  • I'm afraid you're going to be very lonely :(

  • So recap here. You threw up after sucking some guy off, and you actually think he's coming back for more? NO!

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