Not getting enough

I'm 29f and pretty much in my sexual prime. My problem is my husband. He has a really low libido. I'm not sure if it's because he's Type I diabetic or what, but we only have sex maybe once a month. I dress sexy for him, make all kinds of advances, but he just makes excuses and pushes me away. It makes me feel really unfeminine and undesirable. I know my husband loves me in general, but I'm really missing the physical aspect of our relationship. If I had it my way, we'd fuck daily.

I know that I'm attractive. Guys hit on me all of the time. I was out having a drink with a female friend the other day and we danced a bit with some guys at the club. One of them was really handsome, and it was nice being around him. He wants to meet up again, despite knowing my marital status. I can tell that he's hot for me and would love to make out and slip between my legs. The thought of having sex has me fanning myself. Lordy.

I do love my husband, and I know cheating would blow my marriage up. (My husband is also very protective and jealous.) I'm not going to cheat. I couldn't deal with the guilt. That being said, I'm so fucking tired of screwing dildos to satisfy myself. I want to grab and feel the warmth of human hips banging against me, the twitch of hard cock screwing me, and warm cum flowing in and out of me. I really think I'm going to go batty if I don't get screwed more often.

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  • Sounds like my situation in reverse! Good luck.

  • I am happy to see so many people male and female trying to help you obviously most suggested solutions don't suit but at least they are trying to help you, other than what has already been posted the only thing I can think of is a dog, my Lab is just wonderful it took quite some time with my husband assisting with the training but we got there without any major problems, I get a terrific hump whenever I like and the best thing is when he knott's in me then cum's we stay locked for 30 to 45 minutes it is a real nice time

  • Very gross.

  • Tell me about it. The s_c_u_mb_a_g is not only grotesque, they must be some kind of freak!! They obviously altered the tale to have a spouse however beyond dispute, no self respecting man would desire any vagina contaminated by a dog unless they were acutely sick as well.

  • Well sweetly, I've been married to my wife for 41 years now and she's not putting out enough for this 59 year old male. So for the past nine years I've been fucking another married woman 18 years my junior who is a sex nympho. She says her hubby who is also a friend of mine just doesn't give her enough dick, so twice a month we meet and fuck either in my truck, my van, or even my house when the wife is out of town. I love fucking this petite mom and filling her married pussy with my own married cum and then she drives home while my cum melts away inside of her, leaking out and making her panties soaked with my sperm by the time she pulls into her driveway. If your going to ever make hat fire burning between your legs cool down, your going to have to let this guys dick fuck you good and cum inside of you. Just be very, very discreet and cover your tracks well as I have over the years.

  • Please just don't think about cheating, might be a good feeling to know your attractive and a guy wants to pork you but if he is so handsome how many other conquests has he had and will continue to have probably many and he may carry sexual diseases bet he does not want to wear a condom if you root your one of the current fucks on the list for sure also forget about the women unless it's your best friend, sorry but you will have to continue with masturbation and toys, better than nothing, hope I have helped

  • OP here. I'm not going to cheat. I love my husband, and he loves me. Our sex life is garbage. We have plenty of money and things are good otherwise.

    Before I married, I had enough one night stands to know that it gets weirdly emotional. I'm not going to hook up with someone just to get screwed. That being said, I just want to get screwed. It's a human need, imo.

  • Darling I hope I don't offend but have you thought of a male prostitute that could be the answer you could ensure he wears a condom and would be pretty certain he would give you a nice fucking every time on call whenever you wanted, I think you could feel better that it is not cheating just a business arrangement, how about that for a solution ?

  • I agree darling there is nothing like another women to show you real love and sexual enjoyment, you don't need a cock, when my husband and I have sex it's not a lot of foreplay anymore and I don't orgasm every time but when my girlfriend and I do we can play for hours and ensure we each have plenty of orgasms, it's great

  • I'm the OP. I appreciate the comments, but I'm not into having sex with women at all.

  • Oh darling that is a pity I would wish that you do not discount the idea entirely , if I could get you in the sack for half an hour I am certain you would definetly change your mind forever, so please give it some more thought xx

  • Licking pussy is a real turn-off for me. Sorry.

  • Me too honey. I wonder what part of NO this gal doesn't get.

  • It soon would not be if you met me, I pride myself in being able to change so called straight girls into at least being bi and a lot of the time total lesbian even though in public or at work no one would ever suspect I am anything other than straight I really would love having a little session with you xxxx

  • I assure you sweetie having a nice girlfriend is the best females know how to please and satisfy and you will find it is more difficult to get caught and even if so your husband will certainly not be as angry and upset as with cheating with a male, after a bi relationship for two years with my best friend I set my husband up to catch us I wanted everything out in the open, he was immediately fine with the situation that continues to this day five years later, I really hope you reconsider honey please let me know xxx

  • Good for you and your husband but I can assure you not every husband would be ok with his wife having an affair with another woman . Cheating is cheating no matter which gender you are cheating with with.

  • I also am convinced you need a girlfriend darling, I have had a relationship for years and I can assure you sex with my girlfriend is just the absolute best, both out husbands are aware and do not mind at all obviously we both give husbands anything they want oral, vaginal, anal and masturbation so we just love our sex and relationship, try it xxx

  • Are you fucking thick???

  • Tell me about it. It's all part of that mental disease we call liberalism. A key symptom is being chronically dense.

  • Shes sicknof banging dildos she dont need Girlfriend feel. Bad we been having sex 2-3 times daily for 15 years i would go craZy too

  • Well good for you but she has yet to experience what a women has to offer real sexual endurance and love, guys just make me sick thinking everything is about cock I would like to have cut off all the cocks that really never satisfied me that would be about 3 quarters and I had a lot before meeting my girlfriend and finding real love and satisfaction, I still do have a few fucks but only with 3 special men

  • Maybe you didn't get off with all those men simply because you were always into women. That is fine for you but not every woman is into other women. You sound just like the gay guys that tell straight men you have never had a blowjob until you let a gay man suck your cock, women do it because they feel they have to, gay men do it because they love it. Hearing that doesn't make every straight guy drop his pants to try having a guy suck him off. By the way saying you would like to "cut their cocks off" makes you sound like a hate filled militant lesbian.

  • She wants COCK. What part of that are you not grasping,?

  • I think that she wants the warmth and sexual feeling of another person, she may think she wants cock but really if she tried a nice girlfriend I am certain she would be more than satisfied and happy.
    How come you males just think everything revolves around your prick, it does not more than half of you don't know how to use it anyway.


  • Honey I really do think your answer is a female on female relationship you sound like a hot little number so should not have any problems picking up a nice girl friend, OK you say you need cock but with a female partner you get fabulous sex, your husband should have no problems with the relationship and you can enjoy a fuck when he wants to root you.
    If you need training try a prostitute who specialises in lesbian/bi sex should not cost much
    Please let us know your thought's ?

  • I don't understand why you think her husband would be ok with her having a relationship with a woman. Cheating is cheating no matter if its with someone of the opposite or same sex. Besides it sounds like she wants a man , not everyone is into gay or bi relationships.

  • Exactly not all guys wAnt to have lesbian wifes

  • I so wish to know you . But fate will make a way if it's meant to be . Don't deny yourself or your inner desire . Go and get a hot cock and enjoy dear .

  • If you are needing cock let me know and I will sure give you a good fucking I will also eat your pussy and if you want you can suck my dick and I love having my balls player with .

  • You sound so fucking hott.

  • Your fustration probably will turn to anger soon, and that will start the downfall of the marriage.
    I think it's time (not in a meancing way) to be completely blunt with your husband. Point blank; he is not meeting your sexual needs, you want to fuck more. This is something that has to change.
    Discuss with him on why he is not horny for you lately.
    Suggest therapist if need be.
    Tell him that you'll play fantasies, be his personal sult, anything to spark his desires again.

    If none of it works, well, I don't advise cheating, but I can't blame you in wanting other men. You'll have to decide if the love is worth a sexless marriage.

  • I appreciate the comments. I'll suggest seeing a therapist, but I doubt he'll go, as he doesn't think there is a problem (which is a problem, imo).

    I've tried everything to spark his interest. This morning I even woke him up by sucking his dick. I thought he would like that, but he was like "not now."

  • My Ex wife got to where sex was once in every several months and that was with me prodding her. I cheated and more than once. Marriage blew up. Cheating is wrong. With holding sex and affection is wrong. People that with hold don't know the damage they are doing then have a fit when the spouse wanders. What is next is they totally blame the cheater.

  • Try going slowly with your new 'friend'... Go out a few times, get to know each other in text, have some fun while slowly making a new friend. You'll find that fear of feeling guilt over cheating will slowly subside, and you'll soon start really warming up to the idea of this other fellow seducing you.

    Speaking from experience though, it works best when both are married - there is just an equal amount at risk on both sides. The jealousy won't be nearly as bad (nothing worse than your affair getting jealous that you and your spouse actually had sex on a rare occasion or two). And there won't be any spontaneous demands on your freetime. Other married people 'just get it.'

  • That is frustrating. I'm sorry for you. I have a friend in her forties who is having the same problem. Her husband has even tried different things to increase his libido. I, on the other hand, just cheat. Not only that, I date wealthy men and get paid. I know that's not your thing. I'm just over sharing now.

  • So then u are a cheating whore correct? Selking ur self for sex

  • What's it like to be a whore?

  • What's it like being a troll

  • Ummm... why a lesbian relationship?? Did you not read her post? She wants a cock in her, she wants to feel his cock twitching as he spunks up her. In what way can another woman do that. #fuckingmoron.

    Poster, nothing wrong with a fuck buddy. XD

  • I think trying a lesbian relationship could really be good for you just a one partner set up if your as hot as you say it should be pretty easy to attract a nice female friend and your hubby should not get the shit's or he is totally unfair but if you start fucking around with other guys your going to get into big trouble, have a good look around there will be a nice girl for you to hook up with for sure xxx

  • So would you feel the same if your husband was sucking dick on the side because at least he wasn't fucking another woman ?

  • First, if she does not want to cheat, being with a woman is still cheating!
    Second, two women having sex is not a "lesbian relationship" unless they are lesbians. There's a difference and people are just to stupid to figure is out. Heterosexual men who enjoy anal penetration are not gay! These forums are really frustrating for educated people sometimes!

  • You sound like a very nice lady, I really feel for you that you are not getting enough sex, my husband is away working quite a lot so my answer was to restart a lesbian relationship with my best friend we did it for years in high school and before we were married, both our husbands know and both give their blessings, we keep it to our self and do not flaunt it other than kissing and cuddling when we meet and part and holding hands when out, we usually have sex about five times a week she staying over at least two nights it is just a fantastic set up, my husband really gives me plenty when he is home maybe you should think of that darling, all the best xxx

  • If she does not want to cheat, being with a woman is still cheating!

  • My advice talk to him, communication is key. let him know how you're feeling about the lack of physical attraction. if things don't get better then do your thing

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