She Couldn't Help Herself.

When my wife and I were first married our sex was great , we did it often and for hours. i those days I could cum 2 or 3 times a night and not think anything about it.
We both worked . me out of town and she in an office downtown. She would often talk about the people she worked with. One night after sex she was talking about a temp who would be working with her for a few weeks.This guy was in his early 20 s and well built, blond hair and when he was around her he had a huge bulge between his legs. She thought this was great and went out of her way to flirt with him. She started wearing tight short skirts and no underware She would rub her tits with her hard nipples against his arms or sit in such a way to show him her shaved pussy. She lover turning him on and he had no problem showing her his huge bulge whenever they were together.
This went on for about and week and we both got a laugh out of it. However I began to notice that she was becoming smitten with him. She stopped talking about him as a joke and began taking about him in glowing terms.Then one night she came home several hours late. She explained that they had to work late on some new project.
I new instantly she was not being truthful . When ever she lied to me her ears would get red and they were as red as beets that night.
I couldn't get her lies out of my mind , then she jumped in the shower came out and she began to blow me, something she did to get me sexually excited,it worked Our sex was great however her pussy seemed very wet , wetter than usual. She also seemed detached , as though she was with someone else. I came 3 times that night and she couldn't get enough of my cock, which i loved.The next morning she told me she had a confession to tell me. She explained that she didn't work late last night but took her co worker home. She said as soon as he got in the car they started making out and she grabbed his huge cock through his pants. She was completely taken by this guy, they went to his place where they fucked for hours non stop. She said she couldn't get enough of this guy, he had it all , a big cock, bigger than mine and lots of lasting power. and a body to die for. She even said that while she was fucking him she completely forgot that I existed.
I was out of my mind with rage, how could she i thought.
On top of all of that she told me he would be one of the greatest loves of her life, maybe the greatest love of her life. She told me she still loved me but while he was here she was not going to give him up that she wanted him as much as possible even if she had to move out and be with him while he was here, which she did, she moved out the next day and stayed with him for 3 weeks.
She would drop by from time to time and give me some mercy sex She again told me while they were together she would forget I existed at all . I
guessed our marriage was over, when a woman tells you her lover is the best ever and that you have been kicked to the curb. when she tells you that you are no more than an after thought you have to give up and move on.
Well his time with her was up and he moved to another location in the company. We talked about getting back together but that took months of talking.
That all happened several years ago and I figured he was gone and forgotten. However from time to time my wife sees this guy on the side when he is in town. i can tell if he is around, she changes completely, She lies like a rug, her pussy is wetter than usual our sex goes on for hours , she becomes sexually aggressive and to top it off she starts talking about him again.
Finally i told her it was ok to fuck this guy when ever she wanted. She thanked me and told me he comes to town 3 or 4 times a year and she has been fucking him ever since . She now wants him to stay with us when he is in. She explained I could sleep in the guest room and he would sleep with her in the master bedroom.
So there it is, I have been turned into a guest in my own house listening to her and lover boy screw all night long.

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  • But that's fine, you have pussy and not a cock.

    If you did, you'd be the man of the house, or stuck you cock in your wife's ass while her lover boy was fucking her pussy

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