Life changing events

I am a 32 year old woman maried twice.
2 kids.
I was molested when i was a child over a period of years. The hiy never hirt me. I mean in a pain or mean way. He was always nice to me, loving as sick as that sounds. It changed me im sure.
But i dont look back on those days as a nightmare or even bad.
But as if todayi still have a relationship with this guy. I just can’t stop. I could never be with him as a bf and gf but we still fool around.
I dont even look at it as cheating on my husband. Its just filling a need. No one in family needs to know about. I am not simple. I know its wrong. But we have the bond that i have no desire to stop.

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  • My Uncle when he was babysitting use to put me on edge of bed naked and rub himself between my legs.
    He never tried to put it in but he would stroke Nd rub me till he came then kepp it our secret
    Did this many times
    Never effected me but i do remember it every time i here stories like yours

  • My step dad use to get mom to have sex with him no matter if i was around ir not.
    I can remember him saying she’s too young to pay any attention.
    I would watch when mom was not looking .
    He would smile at me when i watched.
    When mom was not around he would stroke himself in front of me in tge the living room.

  • I know this sounds awful but really it wasn’t.
    My mom was very needy. Dad left us when i was 3 and Mom ended up remarried when i was 6 or 7 to Tom
    Tom was really always extremely nice to me and mom and mom would do anything he wanted.
    On night we were all watching tv and Mon and him were all loving and he was talking about how sexy she was to her and tgen how sexy a girl i was growing up to be.
    It progresses to mom and him talking about me then mom and him went to there room .
    The next day we were eating breakfast and mom and Tom kept looking at each other
    That night i was taking a bath and it wasn’t unusual for mom to be in room when i was.
    But mom brought Tom in an had me stand up in vath and turn around for him.
    Tomsaid yep she’s got your sexy bottom.
    That night mom and Tom tucjed me into bed
    And mom said Tom tou can stay awhile and told me to do whatever he ask.
    Momsjut the doir and helId down with me.
    Kissed ne and pulled my panties off.
    Hegor under covers and licked me/ basically ate me out for some time.
    Tgg bf en he left and i heard mom and him fuckin in next room.
    It progressed but he never cane in my room he always left and had sex with mom.
    Eventually he started doing it when mom was at work and would finish with me stroking him off
    He would always thank me and kiss me after.
    Became the point i liked doing it abd kbew enough not to let mom know we did it without her home.

  • I was in and out of foster care from the time I was six until I was 13 and moved in with my grandparents. I was placed with my last foster family at 9 and stayed there until I turned 13. The woman was cold and mean towards me but her husband seemed like a kind gentle man from day one. He was pretty much my care giver throughout the time I stayed with them. Everything was pretty normal until one evening his wife ordered him to help me in the bath. She told him I wasn't washing my hair and to make sure he washed it . I was embarrassed but afraid of her so I let him help me in the bath. Things turned sexual soon after that with me standing in the tub so he could wash me everywhere. I was 11 the first time he got naked and stepped into the tub with me saying he was going to teach me to use the shower. He ended up having me use my hand to jerked him off. This went on for weeks and each time after making him cum he would kiss me on the top of my head and thank me before getting out of the shower. I know it will sound odd but making him feel good made me feel good and I became a pleaser. I would literally try to do anything to make them happy just for some kind of praise. This lead to me sucking him off in the shower or when he would be sent to my room to "tuck me in" by his wife. The last year I was there it progressed to full on sex with him . Then it was over CPS was at my school and taking me to my grandparents and I never saw them again. I'm married for ten years none and my husband doesn't know about any of this.

  • I am slightly older than you but my experience changed me and the way I behave sexually. I don't have children but I have a loving husband. I am also having sex with an older married neighbour, in fact he is about to retire.
    I was sexually molested almost all of my young life, but what happened remains in my mind forever.
    I was adopted by a childless couple when I was about six, they were middle age she was a wealthy shopkeeper and he didn't work so he was around when I was. I do remember he was very kind and loving towards me, he would collect me from school and make my tea. But, I also remember he used to make me shower when I had finished my tea but not until he had got me undressed and laid in a bed with him while he read me a story. But, I do remember he was naked and that I became wet after our special cuddle.
    I was about eight or nine when I became truly aware of the sexual nature of our after school activity, because I began to enjoy it. During our special cuddle the feeling of his hot cock between my legs and most of all knowing I was pleasing him, with me it was also the feeling of warmth in my vagina and then the wetness on me as he gave me his special squeeze.
    I was also very naïve because when he took my vaginity at twelve I felt it was completely natural, how stupid I was but in those days children weren't so aware of sexual matters.
    But now my older lover likes me to dress as a schoolgirl and pretends he is my teacher and we are very sexual together.

  • Think maybe you mom knew about it?

  • Tell us more. Very hot

  • Lol what do you want to hear?
    My affair now or when i was younger?

  • Either one would be great! Maybe start another thread!! This definitely made me hard!!

  • Do you enjoy dressing up for this man knowing he is imagining you as a very young girl?

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