Swinging Wife

My wife and i have been married for about 5 years, we are both in our late twenties. She is in very good shape, goes to the gym 3 times a week after work. I on the other hand have let myself go, gained some weight and have gotten soft.
Last night we got into bed and started talking about relationships and how they change. She mentioned some close friends who started swinging and they admit their relationship is much better. I asked how is that possible ? they are each fucking other people, what happens if he or she falls in love with the other lover, what then ? She explained that our friends relationship grew stronger and their sex life had increased.
We talked about this on and off for about a month. Well as you can guess my wife convinced me to try swinging with her.
She worked the whole thing out , even picked out the couple we were to screw.They were people we knew and liked , had lots of things in common , that sort of thing.
Well the night finally arrived and we all went out to a club to have a few drinks The drinks did their job and we were all looped.
We went back to our house and smoked a few joints and the wives began dancing and stripping .My wife looked great in her pink panties , she had already taken off her bra and all other clothing. My partner was a thin blond and she by now was completely naked. Her husband striped off all his clothes and showed off his body which was impressive. He also went to the gym 3 nights a week and had the body to prove it as well as a huge thick cock.
He picked up my wife and leaped up the stairs to our bedroom, I followed with my thin blond, by the time I reached our bedroom he was on top of my wife and kissing her hot and heavy. They were on one side of the bed and we were on the other. He started to lick my wife's pussy which she enjoyed very much, I could hear her moaning as he licked her.
My partner pulled me on top of her and locked her legs around my ass , she also dug her nails into my ass as well forcing me to shove my dick into her wet cunt. While screwing my partner I noticed my wife being fucked by her lover who clearly knew what he was doing . I could see her as she started moaning louder and louder , he quickened the pace and she responded and matched his every move.
We finished before they did and rolled off the bed. My wife and her lover were still going at it only by now they had picked up the pace , I could hear her grunting and moaning as he fucked her harder and harder.
I went to take a piss and when I got back they had switched positions, she was on top and riding him cowgirl style.
She moved like a wild animal and i could see that he was beginning to lose it. She milked him with her pussy until he came , I watched as his cock throbbed , he came shooting his load into my wife's pussy. She finished him off and I noticed that he was completely drained.
The blond who sat next to me and watched the whole thing commented how good my wife was. and how she was able to control the whole sex act. She said her husband never stood a chance.
Later on that evening after they left we sat and talked about what had just happened. I asked if she had fucked her partner before this night. She said no but she had seen him working out at the gym and liked what she saw.She knew he would want to fuck her because he had been flirting with her for some time.
I asked how she knew his wife would want to swing with us . She explained she knew the wife very well and she would fuck anybody anytime.
So that's it I said, you used me and his wife as pawns in your scheme to fuck her husband. That's about it she said.
Now I have a question for you she asked, do you want to do it again ? I said I didn't know , I'm scared that i might lose you. I saw how much you loved fucking that guy and i'm sure he will want to do it again with you. Your right,she said, he does want to do it again and so do I.
You have a choice, get together with his wife or say no and I will fuck him and you will never know it.
I'm tired she said and want I to go to bed. Please take a shower before you come to bed, you smell like his wife.

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