Best BJ's from my girl's bestie

When I met my g/f she told me she has a bestie that she has a "relationship" with and how I would handle that. I was fine with it, we had a couple of 3 sums and i get to watch often which is really hot. So it was arranged that when my g/f is on her monthly (seems her mouth is out of commission to at this time) that her bestie can give me blow jobs as long as I don't fuck her. She has given me a couple of great blow jobs and i cum hard. This time I went over and she said she was getting a cold sore but I could cum on her face instead. I had her take her top off and put on her glasses. I strattled her and started stroking my cock getting hard. After about 10 minutes I knew I wasn't going to cum without help so I got off her and went to her laundry basket. She asked what I was doing and i said you'll see. I grabbed one of her thong panties out of the basket and climbed back on top. I put the thong to my nose and inhaled her scent. In less that 3 minutes i buttered her face in my cum. She said so thats what will make you cum quicker......

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  • My girlfriend’s friend and I started messing around shortly after I met my girlfriend. After a few months, our relationship fizzled and we broke up and she accepted a job in another city and moved away, but I kept on hooking up with the friend. My FWB got into a relationship and our sex life came to a stop but we remained friends and she introduced me to a new girl from her job. One drunk night the old fwb and I hooked up again, she was engaged now and she told me she didn’t want to do it again but we ended up doing it several times in the weeks that followed. Before her wedding date, she had a bachelorette party and my girlfriend went out with her and brought her back to our hotel room room. My girlfriend passed out and my old fwb and I had sex. It was 3 am and I was banging her in her butt and came inside her mouth. At noon, the groom was kissing his bride. That was two years ago, we haven’t hooked up since aside from some kissing and an unfinished BJ in a parking lot once.

  • When I met my wife we were in high school. Her best friend had not given a bj yet so my wife suggested she practice on me. My wife showed her how to suck cock and I was the lucky guinea pig. They both went down on me at the same time, and I came in her friend’s mouth. We did this several times, and eventually I was getting a bj from the girl even when my wife wasn’t around. It was awesome.

    On the flip side, my best friend had never received a bj, and one drunken night I talked my wife into giving him a bj. They went off into a room and I watched as she sucked him off and he played with her boobs. She let him suck her boobs, too. We did this a couple times, she got good at going back and forth and giving a double BJ to he and I. This stopped once word got out that she was doing this and she got humiliated at school.

  • Did you sniff her asshole scent too? That makes me cum hard every time

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