The ex starts

I've been divorced from my ex for about 15 years. I've been remarried for 7. It was a bad divorce. But as of like 3 years ago, we are now civil. Won't be like it was but at least we are friendly-ish.

So 3 weeks ago, she texts me asking if I still had the nude pics of her. I said, "I dunno. Maybe. If I do it's on the micro SD card from the digital camera I don't use anymore." She said, "I was fat back then. Ugh." I said, "Why did u want to know that?" She said, "Just curious. You ever look at them?" I said, "For a bit after we separated." She said, "Did you jack off to them?" I said, "Well, that was before high speed internet was widely available." She said, "What about now?" I said, "I haven't looked at them in forever. I don't even know where that camera is anymore." She said, "Want new ones?" I said, "Like nudes?" She said, "Yeah. I've been working out every day. I've lost like 75 lbs." I said, "I'm sure your husband and my wife would love to know that I had new nude pics of you." She said, "Her pussy feel as good as mine did? Mike's cock doesn't feel as good as yours." I said, "It's been 15 years. I don't remember what it feels like." She said, "What if I come over while your wife isn't home." I said, "And do what?" She said, "I want you to fuck me. You can take some new pics. Next time you jack off I want it to be to my pics." I said, "Who says I jack off anymore? What if Sara fucks me daily?" She said, "I doubt either is the case. I bet you jack off every day." I said, "Well, yeah. I do." She said, "You miss me sucking your dick every day?" I said, "I miss getting head period. Sara won't do it." She said, "So when can I come over?" I said, "How do I know this isn't a trick? Some kind of set up?" She said, "If I set you up you can just send screenshots of this conversation to my husband. I don't want to get back together. I just want to fuck you again." I said, "So a one and done?" She said, "No. Like once a week. Possibly more if we can manage it."

Long story short. I'm fucking my ex wife again. 4 times in 3 weeks.

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  • After 30 years I ran into an ex girlfriend on a 200 mile trail. Went together 3 years in college -- fucked a million times, plenty of oral. Her husband is a real right winger -- says oral is immoral. "Does your Judy like oral?" "For 6 months that's all we did, before I got to stick my dick in her, she was Freshman at State . She loves oral, both ways." "You must be a pro by now, not that you were bad then. I'll trade you a blowjob for cunnilingus -- but not 69 - I want lay back in the sun and enjoy, then give you the BJ." Sure
    We found a really cool secluded spot and did our dirty deeds to each other. She looks like a well kept 53 year old, small tits, $3,000 Trek, conservative, pretty and extra special with my dick in her mouth. For 3 years now we meet there on her birthday -- instead of the BJ ending I fucked her last year. "Wow, I'm impressed -- you're actually better than 30 years ago -- I'm flattered you just didn't want me for blowjobs." She said her dumb Bob could be getting them, but won't let her mouth near is dick. She fessed up to being her boss' BJ Queen 20 years ago.

  • I was doing the same thing , I was fucking my ex wife. We were doing it several times a week or when ever we could get away. Both of us were dating someone else. There were times when i would come home from a night out only to call her up and she would come over and we would screw our brains out. I don't what it was, but our sex was never better. Maybe it was the excitement of it all, maybe the idea of screwing two women in the same night was it , I don't know.
    I know She was the same she would call me and tell me she just got home from a date and i would go to her place and screw the shit out of her and she lover it

  • Why did you get divorced in the first place?

  • She was young and just didn't want to be a home body. Wanted to party and I didn't. She was sleeping with other men a month before we separated.

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