I got off work an hour early last week. I pull in walk in house like I always do. You know the story. I walk down the hall and just like i have heard in many a stories My wife was in bed with the neighbor. The door was open i could see them before i got to opening in dresser mirror.
He is 10 years younger than us. She was straddling him riding and grinding into him.
I didn’t barge in I stood and watched.
Mike was on his back just along for ride.
I knew my wife had a strong sex drive. Nut after my shock i stood and watched , the more i watched the more turned on i got watching her
Ass grinding into him. Soon they switched and he pined her legs at her sides and pounded her into the mattress.
I looked at the time and the kids would be getting hime in 10 minutes i knew he would be
Leaving soon.
Hearing her climax with her moan of satisfaction and his rhythmic jerk as he shot his load. I slipped out and came back at normal time. I come in the kids are watching, she’s in the kitchen fixing dinner. Like nothing out of norm.
I set up hidden camera to see how much she had been doing this.
Have not approached her with it and don’t know if i will. Hate to admit it but it is perfect. I always got turned on thinking about other guys with her. Now i can watch and she don’t know.

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  • Get the tapes of your wife with lover boy and pass them around the neighborhood. Have them mailed to 3 or 4 of the neighbors.

  • What makes you think she doesn't know . She may know and want you to see the show or she just doesn't care what you see. i suspect she is going to fuck her brains out weather you like it or not. Get ready for a bumpy ride, its her game and she is making the rules.

  • You are a pathetic cuckold you fool. You aren't a man anymore. I was in your place and I stayed with the woman. Then things deteriorated and I began cheating on her. She found out about it and set forth to lie in family court saying I beat her. She had no proof as not one time the police were ever dispatched to our home. But the fact she was willing to lie to destroy me for doing what she had done. Grow a pair of balls and leave the bitch. Life will be much better without this whore in your life. I know she will be due to the fact you have children. So until they are 18 you have to deal with the whore but make it as simply as you can. Stop being a cuckold and take control of your destiny man. I did and won't go back ever again.

  • Calm down. Let's get someone to fetch your pills and pj's and take you back to the retirement home.

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