In in food

My wife and I have been married just 5 years but we don’t have sex any more because she is never in the mood. I understand that but despite repeated attempt’s to make her understand that I still have a sex drive (FFS, a quick hand job once a week would do), she just ignores me and my hard-on.

So I get my own back by cumming in her food and coffee and watching her eat it. I know I shouldn’t and wouldn’t put it in anyone else’s food but she is so dismissive i don’t feel bad.

Mar 8

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    • My wife's mom was a vitch when we dated. She drank alot and would ask me or my wife to make her a drink. My wife would suck me off and spit it in her mother's mixed drink. It was her way of getting back at her mom for being such a bitch. Not shlure what happened because her mom is good as gold to us now and absolutely adores our kids and grandkids. Bone thing is she quit drinking. I feel bad about it now bit still joke with my wife asking her if she wants ne to cum in her mother's food when she's over. She laughs and says, no. Glad their relationship was repaired but I'd still like to blow a load in her mom as she is a very attractive 68 year old woman.

    • Early in our marriage my husband would do that kind of thing any time he felt I wasn't being enough for him. It grossed me out and upset me a ton and made me open up to his affections even less.

      What changed things, for me, was when one of my frienemies showed up and I got to serve her lunch that I knew had loads of my husband's cum in it. By the time my husband came home I was in such a good mood I let him have me, a lot. That got us to get along again and FORTUNATLY, he found a new way of annoying me when he felt neglected.

    • Your marriage is over unfortunately. Get out while you can.

    • I thought mine was, but now it's better than ever. Marriages have lull spots.

    • My wife is the same way! I cheated a few times but nothing came from it. We're older now and in introduced humiliation to her. We looked at some sites and she took the bait. She now humiliates me I love it and I get to cum 2 to 3 times a week for her. The rest I'm caged! She takes it to the extreme, feeds me cum, makes me wear female underwear to work, dresses me up when on vacation. I'm her cumslut and exactly what I wanted to happen but I made it her idea! She gets a little out of my comfort level sometimes but it's part of the game.

    • Ever let another guy suck your dick

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