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My husband knows that I come home late on Wednesdays, as I go to the gym for yoga class after work. My yoga instructor is a guy who is 25 and gorgeous, great biceps and six pack abs. (I'm 37f and need to tone up, haha.) He's friendly and goes out of his way to learn our names and be personable with people in our class. That is an attractive quality.

My marriage is great. I love my husband so much, but I've been screwing my yoga instructor after class for about a month now. It started slowly, talking, flirting, having coffee after class, but it developed into a thing. I know he fucks other girls from class too, as he mentioned it, and one time we did a threesome in his office and it was my first experience with another girl. He came in both of us.

I know I'm not ever going to get caught, as my husband just thinks I'm doing yoga, but I worry about the instructor fucking other girls and maybe picking up an STD. He never wears a condom. I really love fucking him, but there is that old adage that when you fuck someone, you're fucking everyone he/she has been with. I'd like him to use a condom, but I don't want to offend him or lose my opportunity with him, as he's a fantastic screw--a beautiful testosterone yoga machine. I moisten up just by thinking of him, and that is rare indeed.

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  • So your marriage is great ? I guess it isn't great enough to keep you from fucking the yoga instructor. i feel sorry for hubby , for some strange reason he trust you and believes your story. maybe he is in denial, maybe he knows and is letting you do your lover. Maybe he is just some poor slob married to another cheating lying woman. What do you think ?

  • My wife cheated and I just knew, no real clues just a feeling. She was like you , she though I would never find out , she though I was to stupid to find out. Her carelessness is what did her in. It will do you in as well.

  • Sometimes the husband will be turned on knowing his wife has acted slutty and will want to taste her pussy.

  • SLUT!!! Hope you get taped and killed

  • Like the other poster said, your husband will find out. You're going to be getting home later, you may reek of sex unless you shower. He eventually will ask why you are getting home later and later from your yoga class? If your husband is faithful, and you catch an STD, there is a good chance you'll give it to him. In that case there will be no doubt who he got his STD from. BUSTED!!!

  • Don't lie to yourself. He will find out... At least suspect it is happening. My wife had an affair. We worked through it but even 15 years later, every once in a while, something happens that bring some of those old feelings to the surface. It sucks.

    Today, we have a good marriage... Better than most.... But it will never be what it could have been. Think about that next time you cheat on the man that you love.

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