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Few months ago I became single after my girlfriend and I broke up. We fought a lot and she wanted to separate. She had blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes. Nice set of tits. Since we broke up. I peak on her Facebook every so often. I miss her so much. I would even find myself jerking off to photos of her. I noticed she started working out which she never did when we were together. She posts pictures at the gym in the mirror. When we dated she didn't have much of an ass. Now since she has been going to gym, in her photos I noticed she is getting a curvy big thick ass. I like jerking it to those photos.
Also she is wearing more revealing clothes then she ever did when we dated lot more photos of her tits hanging out and she got double D's.

But I don't know what it is but for me its been jerk off central with her photos lately as she got a new boyfriend. Who is jacked and he is black. He is also dressed like a gangsta in his photos. I'm constantly jerking off to photos of them two kissing, or standing together. I think about what sex is like with them two together. The turn on for me is the fact she use to be disgusted on seeing black guys. Plus her family don't like Black's.

Has anyone else done this or been in my spot.

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  • Hot but you got s touch of cuckold in you

  • I think that's pretty normal. Took me a while to get over my ex. She was a great fuck, and I often fantasized about her while I masterbated and even when I fucked other women. I had lots of videos of her naked and fucking me, and five years later, I still have a good wank while watching them, when my current girlfriend isn't around.

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