Butter face

I was at this party one time. Bunch of friends there drinking and having a good time. Lots of sex and nudity. I had been working most the night and got there late. I was still very much sober. This girl who I had never met was there, but it didn't look like she was having a good time. She had obviously come with some other girls. The guys were mostly ignoring here, maybe because she wasn't as pretty as her friends, who knows. I had been watching her because I kind of felt sorry for her. A couple drunk guys spilled beer on her. She made her way to the bathroom, but the house was junky and there was no door on the bathroom, only a sheet. I stepped up and told her I would watch the door if she wanted to change, but another drunk girl kept telling her to just go in her bra, so she didn't trust anyone. I helped her outside and out behind my car so she could change her shirt in private. As I turned around, she made the comment that I was nice and she didn't mind if I watched her change, so I turned back around. She pulled off her sweatshirt and to my surprise she had a killer body. Her face may not have been the prettiest compared to the other girls, but her body was a hard 10. I commented on how beautiful she was, but she didn't believe me. We stayed outside the rest of the night just talking and the next day I called her and asked her out. She accepted, but commented about her past boyfriends calling her a butter face. Meaning hot all but her face, or butter face. Honestly her face wasn't that bad. Sure her face wasn't a 10, but she wasn't bad looking neither. We went out and started dating. I eventually married this girl and she's still my wife today. Funny thing is she still has a killer body even after 2 kids and she makes all those other girls who were hot, look like dogs now. They are all fat middle aged woman and my wife still has a rocking hard 10 body.

10 months ago


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    • In my younger days we had a young woman, late 20s, who worked in our records office, in fact she was the only one. She was always well covered in loose clothing so nothing was on show. She was definitely not a looker but had, I assumed a trim figure underneath. We used to chat in her office occasionally, nothing ever flirty as I was worried about her quite prim and proper manner, and after a few months I asked her out. After a few dates she invited me in and to my surprise we ended up in bed together. She had a fantastic trim figure, smallish but pert boobs and a tight pussy. She was a bit reserved in bed to start with but over the next few months she became more active. She got a promotion and transferred to another office across country shortly after. We lost touch but I occasionally wonder what became of her.

    • Love to see her body

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