Lesson for wife

My wife, for no reason, has started to find me very irritating when I shower her with love and affection. For many months now, I go to hug her or sleep in the spooning position she fights me off violently. I never took it personally, maybe because I love her too much, but now it's gotten to the point where I'm starting to have enough of it.

When we have sex, it tends to be a fight and we've started to abuse each other more so now. I find I've started to fuck her much harder and she even says why am I treating her like a slut. I try explaining to her to my actions and how she has neglected my messages of love to her.

My question to you all is: I'm at the point of taking her out one night and letting others get her drunk and chat her up and hard fuck her, treat her like a real slut and make her come crying to me, finally apologising to me and admitting she was wrong to try pushing me away when I treat her like a queen. Make her start to talk to me more and show more feelings towards me. I also understand it could go south if she seriously enjoys being treated like a slut and thrown around.

Good or bad idea?

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  • She is having an affair. Married 4 years.

    I’m (42) going through this now. My wife (29) was becoming stand off-ish and doing the same thing when I tried to show her affection. She’s get mad and storm out of the room. When I’d fuck her she would Either just lay there or be super into it. Then one day about a year into this behavior she was taking a bath and called me in the bathroom and said as I was walking in “Listen I have been having an affair. He’s amazing and well I just wanted to tell you.” WTF!?!

    I asked many questions. He’s 51, married, wealthy, isn’t getting divorced until is kids graduate HS. His wife knows. She isn’t happy but she’s accepted it. She has met her and they actually get along. They met 18 months ago and got together shortly after they met. She said he is the most amazing lover she has ever had. He’s apparently a bit kinky but she loves it. He’s shown her a whole new outlook on how happy life can be.

    She said she’s staying in the house for another year then he’s getting her a house and his wife has given her ok. His kids graduate this year and next. She said she’d had sex with me but that was over now because she didn’t want to cheat on her bf.

  • Bad idea, get yourself someone on the side and let the wife go to hell.

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