Garter Belt

My wife and I are normal Jones who do the whole kids and school and afterschool events. We are the quintessential soccer mom soccer dad family. Like most families, my wife and I had been fighting about everything. Money, bills, sex, kids, you name it, and like most families who fight, one or the other eventually has an affair, even if it's just a one time thing. Sure enough, my wife was upset after another argument and fucked a guy she works with. I knew the guy and the guys wife, so needless to say it was a major fuck up. After it came out they had fucked, the other woman demanded her and her husband move away, which they did. I on the other hand refused to talk to my wife. She begged me or days, then weeks, and then months to forgive her, but I refused to even speak to her.

About eight months after the incident, she demanded one of two things. Either we get a divorce, or we go on vacation and renew our relationship. I asked her what her idea was for a vacation. She agreed that we could go anywhere I choose and she would do anything I command of her, including what she should wear. By this point I had actually decided to forgive her and try to make things work, so this was just an added plus. I picked a nice resort in Puerto Rico and we started making plans. First I ordered her several skimpy bikini, with two of them being completely see through. It's amazing what you can find on the internet. She never said a negative word as I let her pick out the style and colors. There were a couple she actually liked herself. Next I ordered her a couple professionally garter belts and stockings. I ordered her sex new bars and thing panties, along with low cut dresses, that just covered her ass. I also ordered her a corset. We packed our bags and left for the week.

The first night there I requested she wear the corset with a sexy black dress. Garter belt, stockings, and thing panties. She looked gorgeous. She may have been a 34 year old soccer mom, but she looked amazing with her C size tits pushed up, her golden tan, and her cute little ass. She has long dark hair, blue eyes, and a nice smile. She's about 5,7 and probably 120 pounds. So needless to say, the guys were paying attention to her. The next day we hit the beach in her skimpy bikini. I wanted her to wear the see-through one, but she begged me not to male her wear it. I gave in and let her wear one that just barely covered her lady parts. Like the night before she had all the attention. This went on for most of the week.

On one of the last nights there we went out dancing and dinner. I had hear wear a sexy red dress, garter belt, stockings, but this time with no panties. She asked puzzled, no panties? I told her that was correct, you will have no panties on tonight. She commented that the red dress was just long enough to cover the top of her stockings and if she bent over or spread her legs she would need panties on to keep everyone from seeing her pussy. I told her she better not bend over than and keep your legs closed. I then told her I gave in on the see-through bikini and I wouldn't be giving in on this.

We hit the restaurant with her dressed according. Again the guys all checked her out. We ordered drinks, and then more, and yet some more as we started to really feel good. We finally made our way to the dance floor where she had forgotten about her no panties situation by then. We were dancing and I was grabbing her naked ass. Time and time again her dress came up exposing her landing strip to the world. I had by this point become exhausted a.d needed a break. As we walked off the dance floor and guy approached and asked to dance with my wife. She looked at me and I nodded yes. I watched as this other man danced erotically with my wife. Rubbing his pelvis against my wife's ass so her dress would come up. I'm even pretty sure he grabbed a quick hand full of her pussy. After the song finished she returned to our table. I asked if she had fun, and she said yes, but figured one dance was enough. I asked why, and she said because he had asked her to fuck. I asked her if she wanted to fuck him, but she said no. I knew that was a lie and told her our marriage would only work if neither of us lied again. She admitted that she would fuck him, but she was married to me. I asked her again if she wanted to fuck him in front of me. She said yes, so I told her to have him meet us at our room.

An hour later he knocked on our door. It didn't take long before they were both naked and he was eating my wife's pussy as she lay on the bed with her legs spread open. There was no doubt she was enjoying herself while I sat in the chair and watched. She orgasmed several times before he finally put on a condom and slipped his dick into her pussy. He lifted her legs over his shoulders and began fucking her hard. I could tell he was going deeper than she liked as she tried to hold him back with her hands. He ramrodded her repeatedly until she orgasmed again. Then he flipped her over on her hands and knees and started fucking her from behind. That is how he finished and then quickly grabbed his clothes and left.

I asked how she felt and if she liked it. She admitted she had never been fucked like that ever in her life. Her push was sore and she was red from the constant pounding. She said it felt like her insides had been ramrodded out. We had a serious conversation that night and I asked her if she would ever fuck around on me again. She said she learned her lesson and would only fuck someone else if I was involved. I told her she didn't need to fuck around. The whole point in this night was to let her know I was only pissed because of the lying, not over her fucking someone else. If she ever wanted to fuck someone else again, all she needed to do was ask and we would do the same as that night. She assured me that after that night, she would never want another guy, but if she does, she will talk to me first.

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