Cheating wife

My wife once had an affair with a 20 year old college kid who worked at a grocery store part time.
I knew something was wrong when she would come home from work later and later , so I decided to follow her one night
She would finish work then drive by our home to make sure my car was in the driveway then head off to meet her lover boy. She would park in some dark spot in the parking lot and i watched as he came out and got in the car.
They started kissing hot and heavy and she jumped on top of him and began to ride him like a wild animal. This went on for about an hour which shocked me, normally she would have finished much sooner when we made love.I guess she was faking it when we had sex.
I could hear her moans as she rode him and was telling him how big his cock was. I could see she was enjoying herself which at the time upset me.
I went home expecting to be in divorce court the next day.
She came home later that night and jumped in the shower only to come out of the bathroom completely naked and jumped on top of me. We screwed for some time and I have to admit the sex was very good, she was like a wild woman, It was like she was a completely different person.
After our great sex I decided not to confront her, I wanted to see how far she would go with this affair of her's. Well it lasted about a year, I could tell when she ended it because our sex became as it was before her affair just plain dull.
Later on I over heard her on the phone with one of her friends saying how much bigger her lover was than me and how he was able to last much longer than me, and how great the sex was with him
So there you have it, i'll know when she starts fucking around again, our sex will be great and she will be coming home later than usual.

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  • When I found my exwife was cheating on me with our younger neighbor I was angry. Then I decided to get revenge. I had been working long hours and doing a lot of traveling which I guess made her lonely and angry at me. So I approached the neighbor and told him he wants to have sex with her he has to pay me, $40 each time and I wouldn’t kick his ass for having sex with my wife. When I got back into town the next time I went to his apartment and he paid me $80. The next time he said he hasn’t been over. The next it was $40. This went on until he stopped altogether because he was tired of her and paying for sex. That’s when I told her. I hadn’t had sex with her in about a month at that point and when I came in I asked if she was in the mood, she said sure. I took out $40, and she said what’s that. I said that’s how much the neighbor pays me to have sex with you, I’ve been prostituting you so even though I can do it for free I’m being fair and paying you what you’re worth, you cheap whore. She lost it and went to the neighbor and he told her he’s been paying me. When she realized she was a prostitute she lost all her confidence. It was awesome. I divorced her and never looked back.

  • I was 26,married and a new mum when I started an affair with a 21 year old. He was the son of our gardener. He did our gardening and odd jobs every other week. He was a flirty young man and I must say I was a little too easy after just 3 encounters with him. He stroked my face and kissed me. He had nothing to lose so why the hell not. Next thing I know we were in the kitchen making out. My baby was asleep so we could get away with it. He leant me over the kitchen table,hiked up my skirt and pulled my pants down and began licking both my holes vigorously. Then he dropped his overalls to reveal an enormous dick,was about 9 Inches,I was shocked that a man so young could be that big,bigger than my hubby who was 29 and he was only 5 inches long. With me laying on the table he slid his cock in me and gave my married pussy the best fuck it had ever received. I really needed that since my hubby hadn't wanted me since before I gave birth. He turned me over on my back and pulled my top off and began squeezing milk out of my swollen boobs. I giggled as he leant over and sucked on them while pounding me,the relief and pleasure was out of this world. I soon orgasmed after that,it was mind blowing. He then pulled out and rested his long cock on my tummy and shot several thick streams of cum over me tummy and boobs. I'm glad that wasn't in my pussy. After I cleaned up he finished up outside and left. We did it again the week after. But I wanted more so I sometimes texted him and he would come round if he could.

  • Women are liars. All of them. They do shot with exs and never tell you. Then you find out one night after your 6 month anniversary when she is forced to introduce you to her ex. Good little Christian girl was fucking a 6’10” black guy with during our extremely heated argument you learned is in possession of a 10”, thick as a coke can, ebony monster cock!!! Oh and that huge, thick monster cock did everything to your wife she said she’d never do. Fucking liars!!

  • My buddy told me the jocks at the corner bar had MILF List and my wife and his was on it and checked off. There were 5 on a list of 9 checked off. They were baseball moms in their early 40's who went to the bar for Fri Happy Hour. I should have know when she would come home 7AM Sat saying they were at an all night Diner chatting. The jocks would take them a house where some of them rented -- at first to play cards and drink beer after hours. He said my wife was the first. They were playing cards and heard a women having sex down the hall, and she was the only one missing. Soon the others followed. He said he never said much because he was using her infidelity as ammo for a divorce. He was only cluing me in because a jealous husband had exposed the caper and was causing trouble. I figured scolding her would do no good, the whole town knew already. And her 22 year old jock would dump her in time and he did--. -- she was like a wild whore with me during her fling. And about the same time I had this young awesome, full figured cutie pie (some other guy's wife) that I was dicking. But what shocks me most, she fucking any guy, let alone one 20 years younger. She's really hot but not the type -- and she was the first one checked.

  • Hey, with a little luck, she'll give you an STD that will make your penis swell to proportions here to before unknown.

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