His mom

My buddies parents are divorced because his dad fucked around on his mom. God only know why he would do this, his mom is drop dead gorgeous. I swear she could be a model she's that hot.
I always spend the night with my buddy. Sometimes his mom doesn't even know I'm there until next morning. He and I had been out and got back around 1AM. I laid down on the couch and tried to go to sleep.
A little while later my buddies mom came out of her bedroom and walked to the kitchen. She had nothing on except for a pair of panties. Her tits were gorgeous and my dick instantly got hard as fuck.
She got something to drink and headed back to her bedroom. She didn't even notice I was watching her the whole time. I couldn't help but jackoff thinking about her tits.

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  • I was spending the night with a friend when his aunt from next door called. He told her he'd be right over. He told me she wasn't feeling well and he was going to stay with her that night. So i was there alone. My friend's mom Kathy, was a waitress at a restaurant/bar and basically a slut. She came home as I was going to bed so i explained the situation to her first. Later I was sleeping I was awakened as Kathy entered the room in nothing but a short nightgown on. She wasn't bad looking but not much in the tit dept. Long story short, she pulled her nightgown over her head, I took off my briefs, and we fucked. Several hours passed before Kathy had enough and went back to her bedroom. I had only fucked twice before. A single time with two different girls so I gladly welcomed the pussy.

  • Those spontaneous scenes can be such a turn on, especially if it’s with someone you already are hot for.. my sister in law came up from the shower downstairs with nothing on but a towel on her head not knowing I was in the kitchen, when she walked by the view of her hot body instantly was imbedded in my mind. She went to get dressed and i had to release my load right there standing in the kitchen... all kinds of things run through your head while cleaning up...you almost wish they’d came back out and caught you! Hot moment...

  • My stepdaughter walked into the livingroom butt ass naked while I was trying to watch the Bears play. She did it because I told her nothing could interrupt my attention when the game was on. I was wrong. The view of a hot 20 year old woman standing ass naked in front of me did the trick.

  • Did you stroke one out??

  • Better believe I did. I pulled my dick out while she was standing right there and started tugging one out. She watched the whole time.

  • This happened to me when I was in HS. I was sleeping on my friend's couch when his mom came home. She stripped completely naked and sat on the chair smoking a cigarette. The light from the hallway was perfectly shining on the chair and I could see everything. She sat there with her legs open full on view of her open pussy. That was the first time I ever saw a pussy in person. My cock was so hard it was hurting. I wanted so bad to grab it and start yanking but I didn't want her to catch on that i as laying there. She smoked her cigarette and got up and went to the bathroom. She had pajamas on when she came back. By then I had already shot a load in my sock and was rustling around trying to get the rolled up sock into my shoe. That's when I startled her and she asked how long I had been laying there. I told her all night. Then she asked if i had seen her sitting in the chair. I said when you were smoking? Yes, I saw you. She covered her face and said OH MY GOD. I was nice and told her I didn't see much, but she didn't believe me. I think she figured out I had yanked off in my sock, because she offered to wash anything I had dirty. Which she had never offered to wash my clothes in the past. I'm not sure if she would have fucked me or not. I often wonder if she would have, if I had only asked. I was a 15 year old virgin though and didn't have to balls to ask.

  • Now this is just a load of shit

  • It would have been bullshit had he said they fucked like rabbits. I believe what he said, but who knows.

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