40th Birthday

A few years back for my husband’s 40th birthday we drove to the capital city of our state. Rented a room for the night and the kids stayed at my sisters. My husband and I used to have cheater satellite 20 years ago and used to watch porn while we had sex. I thought we could go buy a video and bring it back to hotel with us to relive our youth. We went for dinner and drinks in the hotel and took a cab to an adult book store. They sold toys and videos there. While we were browsing the clerk came over and asked if we needed help. I said we were looking to buy a video for my hubby’s birthday. He told us they had a viewing booth if we wanted to preview anything before we bought. We were both a little tipsy from dinner and without any worry about the kids we decided to grab a couple videos and check them out. The booth wasn’t very big, dim lighting, 1 chair, a stool and a small table. As the video played I was getting horny and the bulge in my husband’s dress pants told me he was too. I hiked up my dress and put my hand in my panties and gave my husband a dirty look. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick and began jerking off as I fingered myself. It felt so naughty knowing there could be people in the store, and because the clerk was out front too. Because the both was small we were quite close to each other that I reached over with my left hand and began stroking him as he put his arm around me for comfort while I fingered myself. This went on for about 5 minutes into the first scene. Then I noticed something out of the corner of my right eye pop through the wall. I was so startled when I realized it was dick pushed through a hole in the wall that I immediately stopped jerking hubby and pulled my hand out of my panties. I nudged my husband to look and he too was shocked. That’s when the guy spoke. “Is this gonna happen?” I was clueless at the time as to what this was. My husband seemed to understand better as he said I think he wants you to help him. I looked at him with confusion and curiosity at the same time and when he said “Why don’t you jerk him for a bit, it can be my present”. I pondered for a bit and figured a hand job wasn’t going too far, my husband was ok with it plus I had no clue who was on the other side. My husband took my virginity so this would be the second live dick I had ever seen. The guy wasn’t very big and was rock hard almost instantly when I began to stroke him slowly. I was really excited about this strange dick that I forgot about hubby. But he didn’t forget about me. He was now fingering me as I spread my legs wide. Soon the guy was grunting and next thing he was shooting ropes of cum into the booth and over my hand. Once he was limped I quit stroking and he pulled out of the hole and left without saying a word. I was so worked up about this experience that I was basically drunk with lust as I watched the porn in front of me and not noticing my husband was pulling my panties off and was beginning to lift me up and spin me into doggy position. I put my arms on the chair in front of the hole and hung my head towards the floor. Soon we were having sex and it felt great after what had just happened. Not long into our lovemaking my husband said “ You have another friend”. I looked up and there in front of my face was another dick. Without hesitation I began to jerk this guy as well. He was maybe a bit longer than the last guy but clean shaven as I couldn’t see much for pubic hair. My husband was really thrusting into me now as I tried my best to jerk this man but given our position it was hard to balance with one hand on the chair and the other stroking. My face was so close I could smell the strangers dick. I soon was licking his shaft with my tongue and next I was giving him a full blow job. Between the alcohol, the porno, my husband and the stranger I was extremely excited about all of it. This was without question the craziest thing I had ever done. My husband must’ve felt the same as he was now hammering into me and soon he grunted hard with a final thrust and came inside me. I continue to suck the stranger and then he announced he was gonna blow too. I wasn’t sure about swallowing so I just jerked him with my hand and licked his shafted as he came all over the booth. One of his spurts ended up on my hand as I stroked and lick his shaft that I tasted his semen. My husband was seated on the chair holding his limp cock and since I had yet to orgasm I pulled the stool under me, sat down and begin to play with my clit as the semen dripped out of me. Like clockwork another dick pushed through the hole about a minute after the second man had left. This time it was black and big despite being limp. I looked over to my husband and mouthed the words “it’s huge!” He just said suck him. I first began stroking until he was fully erect and I was in disbelief at the size of the black mans dick. He had to be 8-9 inches and very thick. I then sucked his big head and licked every inch of his shaft. This went on for a while and when he said “Can I finger you?” My husband literally jumped up, pulled the table under the hole and lifted me onto it. He sat behind me to hold my body up as it wasn’t big enough to support me that well. I scooted towards the hole and the man fingered me. My husband now had my breasts out of dress and was massaging them. The man pulled out his fingers and soon I could feel his large head at the entrance of my vagina. I quickly but quietly said to my husband “He’s trying time fuck me. What do I do? “. Instead of stopping the man or answering me he grabbed my head, pulled me to him and began kissing me passionately. The stranger was now pushing slowly in and out of my vagina as his size was too much for me to handle in one thrust. He was gentle and showed patience as eased into me all while my husband continued to kiss me in possibly an attempt to keep me from stopping what was happening. Little did he know I certainly wasn’t going to stop what I was doing unless he wanted me to. Soon I could feel the man enter into a region of my vagina that my husband had never been. It felt amazing to be this full during sex and quickly he went from slowly inching into me to full on thrusting. It felt so good that I was soon feeling an orgasm building and when it hit I had to stop kissing my husband to let out a huge moan as I came from this stranger. My husband went back to massaging my breasts as the black man continued his thrusting. I placed my right hand back on my clit and began to play with myself as I was still so horny. Unexpectedly I felt a warm rush and heard the black man grunt as he was obviously cumming inside me. He never stopped thrusting into me after his orgasm but had slowed down a lot. But soon he was increasing his tempo and that’s when I noticed he was hardening inside me once again. Holy crap I thought. He’s gonna fuck me again. My husband noticed too and questioned “Is he hard again?” I only nodded and began playing with myself again in hopes I would orgasm once more. The stranger spoke again and crudely said “This white pussy is too good not to fuck just once!” He began to thrust wildly into me and with my hand helping I came again. After about 5 minutes he came inside me for the second time in less than 20 minutes. After he was done, he pulled out said thank you and left. I think both my husband and I realized we had gone too far and quickly dressed, grabbed the videos and rushed out of the store after buying 1 of the videos. We quickly grabbed a taxi and silently headed back to our hotel. Once we were in the room we both began to talk about it and my husband assured me he was ok with it and not mad at me. He said he was excited by what happened. I said I was gonna go shower and had hoped to have sex with him once I was cleaned up but when I got out he was asleep. I had a hard time falling asleep with all the thoughts in my head. We have never done anything like that since and I don’t think we will. It was an experience of great pleasure for me especially that big black man but not one I need to repeat. I did go get an std test and thankfully I was clean. We haven’t spook about it since it happened so this is nice for me to talk about it again.


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  • My hot wife is from an all white small town. She always been interested in black men, something to do with her things to do uncheck box. In college she went on a blind date with a black guy, but all he did was play with her big tits. He told her he never been with a girl with big tits. We got to the city on some weekends and she loves dancing with black guys. I used to think it was a "I'm so cool thing" but it's not. More than once it was all embarrassing when I butted in with "I'm Bill, Jill's husband" "Sorry man, who knew she was married."
    Then it seemed to pass for a couple years. When she fesses up that on business trips for her company she's been sleeping with a younger black guy from another office. They've done it at least 20+ times, in fact they only get one room together. Why are you telling me? Because it's over, he got married, everyone in her local office seems to know, and she found a naked picture of the girl I'm chummy with at the gym on my phone.

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