Got a confession to make

Just turned 52 last week. My wife and I have had a long term relationship with our neighbor. My wife and Andrea began their relationship soon after we moved here almost 22 years ago. On my 40th my wife and Andrea decided to let me in on their “secret” and join them.

Andrea was a mother mentor for my young wife who was 29 years old and a new mom. Andrea was a 35 year old mother of three and a wealth of experience. The two hit it off quickly and became “close” friends and still are “very close” today.

Andrea is now 57 but every bit the hottie she has always been. So petite and sexy. And OMG that red hair and bush!

Ok. To the confession. Andrea and her daughter Hope came over with a bottle of Eagle Rare for my birthday the other day. Hope is a freshman at university and a spitting image of her momma.

I gave Andrea a kiss to yank her for the gift. It was more passionate than I intended as she kissed me back and I couldn’t hold back.

Andrea pushed away with a moan and smiled. Then Hope said, “where is mine. I gave her a kiss and she reached for my erected cock.

Before I knew it my jeans and boxers were at my ankles and the two of them were licking my cock.

I ended up pounding Andrea 3 times and taking busting Hope’s cherry.

I had never taken a virgin before! I took a 19 year olds girl virginity on my 50th birthday while her mom urged us on and sucked my dick afterwords.

My wife, Andrea and I have enjoyed each of he for more than 12 years now but our deal was that my wife must be present.

It’s killing me not to share the story with her, but can’t wait till this summer when Hope is home.

Apr 28

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    • Yes. Who was better?

    • You know. I’ve had a lot of sex with Andrea over the years and was very excited to have her without my wife present. We always had wild passionate sex but it was another level.

      Hope was good and tight. In all my years I never de-flowered anyone. It was indeed an honor.

      But her mother, Andrea, was by far the better fuck

      That being said, I prefer Andrea over my wife as well

    • Would you be into another guy with a biggger cock than your fucking your wife for you?

    • I deflowered my stepdaughter, 17, and i was also.sleeping with her older sister. They were 100 percent better than their mom. But to each his own lol

    • Liar

    • I also deflowered my step daughter at 17 and her mom helped us and joined in

    • Andrea, is an amazing woman. Mother of 4 but petite and the hottest red headed momma you ever saw.

      Love that fire crotch.

      Hope is of similar size but shaved and too fricking tight. It actually was difficult to get in there and once I did it was so tight it hurt. But we both reached climax quickly.

      It was so hot watch Andrea get her ready. Fingering Hope while we kissed trying to get her stretched out a bit.

      Can’t wait till Hope comes home for the summer. I’m thinking I’ll be working from home on days my wife is in the office!

    • Very nice. Thats how i got mine. I worked from.home and their mom worked 12 hour shifts. The younger one was very soft and gentle, a true lovemaker
      The oldest was less inhibited and a true sex machine! The girl was insatiable. She could never get enough

    • Hope want to please that’s for sure. But Andrea and I have had incredible sex for years. The problem is that sex has been supervised by my wife and Andrea is even better when she is allowed to do what ever she desires

    • Very hot. My girls kept it a secret from.their mother

    • Wow. That is so hot. In two weeks Hope will be moving back home for the summer. It’s going to be an interesting summer. I am hoping that I get to stretch Hope out a bit as I know she wants to be a good fuck. I just can’t last long in there not to mention she couldn’t take it all.

      Andrea told her, “Babygirl, it’s ok. We will work together and you will get better and take it deeper just like your Mommy and Mrs Sharon. But you just remember your first time was with the best lover your mommy ever had”

    • Use lube for couple of weeks and she will have a stretched pussy for your pleasure. My teen Bolivian housemaid was stretched my using Vaseline in her hole and my cock ... Now we fuck whenever in mood. (I'm 48 yo and active)

    • Thanks for the advice!

    • You’re welcome asshole.

    • Why are you calling me an asshole?

    • Ttaormina95@gmail
      Lets share stories. I have pictures of mine

    • Who was better the Mother or the Daughter?

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