OMG, what was I thinking

I am so pissed at my daughter right now. Her dad and I have been divorced for 17 years. I am happily married to another man. My daughter recently had a baby of her own, but now wants to go back to work after having a year off. She asked me to watch my granddaughter, but I too am planning on returning to work soon after changing careers, so she asked her dad, my exhusband. He agreed but needed a little help getting started. I agreed to go over and help get him going. On the second day I was there, he started pouring on the charm like he did when we started dating. By day 3 he was full on flirting with me. Now I love my husband, but he has never satisfied me sexually like my exhusband could. He was one heck of a lover and had the perfect size penis at 7 inches. Not too big, not too small. We divorced because he was a major DICK who couldn't keep his pants on around other women. So anyway, I stupidly started thinking about the sex and started to get horny. I kept looking at his crotch and eventually he caught me. He asked if I wanted to have sex, but I told him NO, and got up to leave. I grabbed my purse and headed for the door. When I turned around to say goodbye, he was already standing there naked. His chest muscles were oh so yummy looking and his legs were more tone than I remember. I told myself to walk out the door, in fact I begged myself to leave, but I didn't. I just stood there and let him walk over, pick me up and take me to the bedroom. It was AMAZING. I know I can't go back and help with my granddaughter or I will just fall back in bed with him every day, but if I don't go back my daughter will know something is up and start asking me a hundred questions. I am so fucked, WHAT WAS I THINKING?


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  • I ran into my ex at the local festival. We hadn't been together in years but she still had the look and her body was simply amazing. Her jeans were hugging her perfect ass and her nice pussy. She had on this white bodysuit that showed off her cleavage. We broke up after she went crazy and stabbed her boss in the arm with a pen, which landed her in prison. She got out and was back in town when I ran into her. We started flirting and next thing I knew we were at her sister's house fucking. I've stayed friends with her and we occasionally hook up, but I don't trust her, she's too fucking crazy.

  • Keep enjoying what is going on. In fact, let your exhusband cum inside of you (but don't clean up), go home and make your husband eat your pussy.

  • I had a similar experience with my Ex. I'm remarried and I usually get my son on weekends. Shortly after I got there last weekend, my son called saying he was staying overnight with a friend. My Ex has always wanted me back so we started kissing, then went to bed.

  • You were thinking with that slime canyon, bimbo ! You're stupid. Embrace your stupidity, and keep fucking your ex, and soon to be ex.

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