Premature bottom

When we were younger, my best friends and I fell into masturbating in front of each other. My best very friend and I, eventually masturbated each other in private. He always lasted longer than me... We eventually tried oral. I went first and while going down on him, I had a premature orgasm. I was embarrassed. I can only say I was so worked up that it just happened. My bf told me it was OK and wanted me to finish him which I did. I avoided a repeat of that by not doing oral for a while...

Eventually, he convinced me to try anal. I got to go first. We knew to use something for lube and chose vegetable oil. I remember trembling as I inched up into position. As vivid as if it happened this morning, I can see my hard dick laying in between his cheeks. As I slid down into position, I erupted all over his butt and back. Some shot over his shoulder. He went to clean up while I disappointedly wiped my dick clean knowing he wanted his turn now.

When he returned I didn't even try to make a case for a second go round because he offered up a soft, maybe you can try again when were done. Well, it took a while and it did hurt some. But once he was in, it felt pretty amazing. I can't really describe it. I was on hands and knees. He was holding my hips. At one point he held himself tightly against me. And Told me not to move. A moment later he asked me to turn over. It was awkward but I did it with him still inside.

He began pumping again, in this position it felt amazing. My dick was in between hard and soft and it was oozing a slick substance. He told me, I'm making you cum..."cum for me"... I didn't explode like before but I had this "on fire" feeling wash over me. As I was moaning he said, "you're going to make me come!" And he shot and shot and shot... I felt a sense of accomplishment. It was weird. He did all the work physically but I made him cum. The look on his face... I made him feel like that. I loved that feeling.

He stayed over and inside me for what seemed like 5 minutes. I'm sure it was just moments. I had my hands on his shoulders and legs on his hips. Looking at him. He said, "you liked that didn't you?" I could only nod yes. "You're going to want this again?" Again I nodded yes. He said, "good!".

I never asked to go first again. Sometimes I would and Still do blow him to completion. He has never touched me again. We are both married and have "normal heterosexual lives". Before I get torched, my wife knows about our relationship and approves.


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  • Reminds me of 50 years ago

  • Reminds me of 40 years ago, me and a buddy fucked each other a lot. when i was fucking him id reach around and stroke his dick, felt like mine was 18" long,,,we had a lot of fun

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