Using a crazy woman

There is a crazy drug addict schizophrenic in my building, she’s tiny, like 4’10 and 87lbs and pushing 60 years old. Every Friday I get paid and pick up a gram of meth and then get her to come to my room and we smoke all of it and watch porn until we get really fucking high, then I get her to suck me until I’m hard and lube up to stick it up her tiny little ass. I go back and forth from asss to mouth all night and eventually make her swallow mister loads. One time we got so high I just laid there and let her suck my cock until the sun came up, and I realized I couldn’t cum cuz I had to piss and I told her I was gonna piss in her mouth and she drank it all, then she licked my asshole while I jerked off and blew my load in her mouth. She’s crazy as fuck and that’s the only day of the week she isn’t talking nonstop cuz she’s too high and has a dick in her mouth. I’ve been doing this with her almost 8 months. It’s pretty much my whole weekend. She always begs me to eat or fuck her pussy after I cum but I just kick her out. It all started when she knew I had meth and wouldn’t share it, and she told me all about how her dad taught her to suck his dick everyday when she was 7, and i told made her smoke half a gram all at once and told her she couldn’t leave until she made me cum. She’s at least 20 years older than me, and tells people I am her boyfriend, but everyone knows she’s just my dirty methwhore.


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  • And they say romance is dead

  • Think we all have those in some capacity. One of my female friends/FWB's is on tons of psych. meds and shouldn't drink, but, is pretty much a full alcoholic. Most of the time, if we go to a bar, I end up dragging her out and holding her up, sometimes physically putting her into my car to get her home. Then we end u having sex, or she at least gives me an amazing blow job until I spew. We both know she shouldn't drink at all, but, I also know that she "pre-games" before we go out, downing a few shots, so she's already half in the bag before we even sit anywhere.

    At first, I thought I shouldn't do this, she's off the wall drunk and on her meds, but, more often than not, she was the one making the move and undoing my zipper, sliding her hand in while I drove, or going up my crotch underneath the bar. She's petite, very pretty, and sexy. So what if she's nuts and a cock slut on her meds and alcohol? She's such an easy, crazy fuck that she asks for it. Have to admit, she does get me up there and hard.

  • Well, meth sex IS the best sex

  • At least the two of you have something in common.

  • You smoke meth, every weekend... and she has the drug problem?

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