My wife with my best friend

I have known my best friend Jim since high school. I met my wife Kim when we were 21. Jim and I hung out all the time. Jim would come over to the house and drink beers and watch TV and talk. There was always flirting between Jim and Kim. Each summer Jim would spend part of our vacation with us. Kim told me the first time she saw Jim getting out of the lake that she couldn’t help but notice that he has a big cock. I know I have seen it many times over the years because he is very proud of it. Jim and I and Kim were at the lake drinking and having a great time. It was early evening but we had started drinking mid afternoon. Let me describe Kim. Brown hair, big brown eyes. She is about 5-2 115 lbs. Her tits are so nice. She has big nipples. Not hard to miss when she’s cold. It got to be late and Kim and Jim both are late nighters. I said goodnight and went to bed. This cabin we rent has two bedrooms but its a very small place. About 2 am I notice Kim isn’t in bed. I look out the bedroom window that is on the inside of a screen porch off the front of the house. I saw Jim and Kim making out. Kim’s hands were on Jim’s cock that was outside of his shorts. Kim was stroking it and Jim lifted Kim’s shirt and exposed her tits. Jim was sucking kims tits while Kim strokes Jim’s erect cock. Kim stops kissing Jim and knees down in front of him. Kim takes Jim’s 8 inches in her mouth. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t believe what I was watching. I was so turned on. Jim didn’t take very long and blew his cum into Kim’s mouth and throat. Kim swallowed and licked every drop from Jim’s cock. I decided it was time for me to get involved. I went out to the porch. Kim and Jim looked very guilty when I walking in. I made enough noise to let them know I was coming. Kim told me she’s tired and ready to go to bed. I followed her into the bedroom. She turned to me and said that Jim had tried to kiss her. I asked if they were kissing. She said that they did make out a little. I reached down to her pussy and she was dripping wet. I looked at her and told her I saw everything. I told her to undress which she did. I told her to lay down on the bed. I laid on top of her and started kissing her. I could smell and taste Jim’s cum on her lips. I hate to say it but I was so turned on. I started to fuck Kim. She was so wet and horny. We were making a lot of noise. She said that she still wants to feel Jim’s big cock inside her. I stopped and got up. I went to the other bedroom where Jim was laying on his bed. I caught him stroking himself because he could hear Kim and I fucking. I ask him if he wanted to fuck Kim right now. I told him I was going to watch and he has my permission to goo what ever they want. He jumped up and lead the way. We both entered the bedroom. Both naked. Kim asked what is going on. I told her that she is going to fuck Jim and I was going to watch. She was speechless. She slid over and Jim got into bed with her. I stood there and watched as Kim rolled over on top of Jim and deep kissed him. She laid on her back and spread her legs. Jim was hard as a rock. He got in between her legs. Jim took his big cock and put the head inside of Kim’s pussy. She moaned every time Jim went deeper inside her. They fucked and fucked. She kept saying OMG you are so big. Followed by. I am cuming!!!, Kim came at least 4 times. Jim came inside Kim. I took sloppy seconds. We all finished up then went to bed. We have had many a night with Jim’s big cock pounding Kim’s pussy. We are all great friends. C.

12 days ago

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    • Good stuff right there

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