Pregnant by Daddy

I can't wait until Daddy gets home. I'm finally, pregnant by him. We been trying for 3 months.

Everything is working out perfectly, his divorce from my bitch mother was completed two months ago. She never treated well, or gave I'm what he wanted in bed.

We are full moved into the beautiful house we pick together. And I'm finished with college in June and will have a GPA of 4.00.

Now my life is prefect. I'm pregnant by the best man in the world. At 21 year old, I'm the happiest woman on the earth.

My sweet Daddy, is smart, successful, rich, handsome, tall, strong and has a magnificent 8 inch thick cock. That can fuck me for hours on end.

I knew we were meant to be together as lovers since I was 11 years old and saw him have sex with my bitch mother. She never was willing to do the things he begged for. She never would even suck him, even after he went down on her and made her cum.

I knew I wanted him and would have him. At 14, I decided to be his little whore, he never had a chance to resist me.

He mine forever now!

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  • I never got along with my step dad (Chris) until I was 25, and engaged. My biological dad wanted nothing to do with me, I asked Chris if he would give me away at my wedding he said NO. A few weeks later I asked him why he hated me so much, his reply was I raised you since you were 8, and never got any respect from you, I asked what I could do to make up for it, but he kept saying nothing. I’ve always noticed him looking at me like most men do, but didn’t pay it no mind. Came home buzzed one night, and one thing lead to another, and now I’m having Chris’s baby and my husband thinks it’s his

  • Has he taken your ass yet?

  • Yes. Many many times. Almost every night right after he gets home from work. He rough fucks me and then cums in me. It incredible how hard I cum from anal.

  • That the first thing I did with him. Mom refuses to ever let him do that. I decided I would and give him anything he wanted sexually. Not was out of bounds.

  • I hope you don't give birth to a daughter, Daddy might want a new whore soon.

  • I had fraternal twins with my father, a boy and girl. That was 35 years ago, by the age of 14, I was have oral sex with both and then Dad joined when they were 15. Both of the twins are bi. Dad is bi also, and he has long oral sex sessions his son twice a week. Incest is awesome!

  • You are a little young. Shame you didn't wait until you were older to get pregnant. Your dad should of used birth control. But Congratulations anyway!

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