My Boyfriend's Parents

Here's the situation. I met my current boyfriend in high school last year. He is almost 20 and I am 17 and graduate this year. He like failed second grade and then they sent him to private school where we met. I really hated school except for him. I didn't want to continue at the school so I got my mom to get me in a public school that offers classes of the arts. It's out of our area so my mom had to go to our representative to get me in. They make exceptions in certain circumstances. My boyfriend Jeffrey is now going to the local community college. His parents don't approve of me because of where we live. They think I am a fast girl and going to ruin their baby. His mother even attacked me one dad in their driveway trying to strangle me. We love each other and want to be together. They hate me cause I come from a poor area. I'm not good enough for their son. We are having sex. Lots of sex. We really love each other. I got pregnant when I was 15 but had an abortion. The guy dumped me soon afterwards. Jeffrey knows as I told him all about it and he loves me and doesn't care at all about that. He just loves me and wants to be with me. We plan on going to college but want to also get married. We know we can make things work. His parents have money and they think I'm a little gold digger.

When he graduated his parents bought him a really nice 2011 crystal red metallic Corvette ZR1. It's like the car he has always wanted. It's practically new with less than 2000 miles. He takes me to local car shows and a bit of cruising. My boyfriend really loves cars. His dad collects Corvettes like the older ones. I can't drive it cause it's a stick. He is going to teach me. I have gone with him to the drag strip and we have gone to Watkins Glenn with the Corvette club. When we first started dating I went flying with Jeffrey and his father. That was really fun. His father has a twin engine Cessna 310. Jeffrey is taking lessons and learning to fly. I loved flying around and we went to a ski resort in Pennsylvania. We have also flown to Ocean City, Maryland. This summer Jeffrey has promised to take me to this huge Corvette show in Carlisle ,PA . He and his dad go like every year since he was a little boy. I think that would be so much fun. Anything! I just like going places with him. We went this past summer to Harpers Ferry , West Virginia and stayed at a little bed and breakfast. We had so much fun and like made love three times. We make love any chance we get. Jeffrey is going to buy me an engagement ring soon and tell his parents our plans.

Jeffrey told me that his mother came to him the other day . She told him that if he forgets about me, and gets serious about college. They would buy him a brand new 2020 Corvette of his choice. He told her that he has the car he wants. His mom asked him if he really wouldn't want a new one. Jeffrey thought he would test her. Told her he saw a 2019 ZR1 on ebay for around $140,000 and she said if that's what he wants she would get him the money. Jeffrey likes to hang out with the girl who lives next door. I'm not worried he likes her and she is like 24 so it's ok. His talks cars and stuff with her father who loves cars. He told him what his mother said about a new Corvette. Max told him get the car and stop seeing me for a while and then sneak around with me anyway. He could have both the new car and me. Jeffrey said he's not going to do that. I think his parents want him to be with a girl like his neighbor. His dad thinks Allison is like the perfect woman for his son. They are just good friends though. Allison quit her job and is going to art school. She wants to work in graphic design and work for a magazine. Her grand mother left her half a million dollars when she died. Allison was engaged to a guy who was a Baltimore City cop but she broke off the engagement and bought a new Camaro with some of the money. I do wonder how this all transpired though. Jeffrey told me that Anne , Allison's mom called him on the phone and told him that Allison had something she wanted to tell him. Later that night Allison called him over and told him she had ended her engagement . I thought because they were just good friends but now I wonder if there is something more behind this. I have met Allison and her parents. Jeffrey does spend a lot of time with them. They even call it his second home. Maybe I'm just being a little jealous. They are rich people. I feel like a nothing at times. Jeffrey's parents home is like a two million dollar home on over 5.5 acres. My parents home is a $220,000 townhouse and I drive a 05 Mustang Convertible my father got me to drive myself back and forth to school. We aren't loaded with money but do okay. I do love their son. Hope they will accept me one day.


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  • You can’t overcome being lowly bred, but if you are good pussy and put out like a proper slut, the relationship will work.

  • Girlfriends come and go, but a 2020 Corvette you could keep until it becomes a collectors item.

  • Not sure about the gold digger angle, but, you do sound like White Trash. Notice that I put that in upper case. I don't think it's a bad thing. In fact it would be in your best interest to get away from those monied twits as soon as possible. When the complete deconstruction of civil society is finished you will need to be with your own people. Find yourself a good old boy who can skin a deer and set a trot line. White Trash will survive the apocalypse while the monied class starve to death in their gilded McMansions.

  • You are a gold digger. I think you just got a taste of money and the fun things they do and want it. Just remember this. His parents have the money not the boyfriend. Unless he goes to college and gets in the family business he won't either. So enjoy the fun while you can it's not going to last for you.

  • I have to say you like nice stuff. I can tell by the way you describe stuff and how much everything cost. You are a gold digger. Those parents have the right to be concerned. Besides both of you are way to you to be even considering marriage. Enjoy the time you are spending together but don't make plans for a future. His mother tried to choke you? You seriously would want to marry into a family where your future mother in-law wants to do you bodily harm? Lets get real this woman will go to any means to break you to up. If she is willing to buy him a new car costing an easy 70-80 K or spending 140K she will go to any lengths. If I was him I'd take the car cause your pussy can't be that good. Trust me I have been with at 50 women and I'm 35 now. Not one of them would have been good enough in bed to turn down even a brand new KIA let alone a fucking Corvette. Sorry but that's the truth. Besides you are from the wrong side of town. They are rich and you won't fit in. You will be much happier with a guy of your own class and station in life.

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