I'm so mad at my husband!

I'm so mad at my husband right now. We usually talk about things before making any big purchases. I was totally blind sided by what he did. I got home from work and like usual I hit the remote for the garage door. I stop at the mailbox and get the days mail. Then I started up the driveway. That's when I noticed four round taillights looking back at me. It was a red corvette in our garage. I felt my face getting really red as I was steamed. He came out to great me. I got out of my car and said, " what the fuck is that car doing in our garage?" He said that he bought it a month ago and it just arrived today. Well I can tell you I was pretty fucking steamed. I asked him how much did it cost? He said it was $65,000.00 he paid for it. I looked at it and said well holy fuck. I went inside the house cause I needed to pee after my 40 minute ride home. Then I went back outside to look at this thing he spent a lot of money to purchase. I asked him how come he didn't talk to me first. He said it was because he was looking at a car on ebay and talking to the owner and I said that we weren't buying another toy. So he decided that he would just buy what he wanted and ask forgiveness later. So that's it. There is a nice red corvette sitting where my car should be. That's another thing. Now I have to clean my car off from snow and ice. I just wanted to scream. Yes I'm still mad at him and it's going to take a while before I forgive him. It was his money though as he pointed out. But still really just chapped my ass him not discussing it with me. Ok rant over.

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  • You should be happy your husband messes with cars and not hanging in bars and fucking around with other women. I'd rather be a Corvette widow than have my man messing around on me.

  • I just bought a 2020 Corvette and can't wait to take delivery. Your husband should have bought a new one. They all have the dual clutch autos and even with some great options I was still under $90 K .

  • You'll get over it trust me. My husband is an avid car nut. It started when we first got married. Our first car was a 67 Corvette. We got married and he bought a car to drive everyday and kept the Corvette. Our first home luckily had a two car garage. We had three children. We moved to our current home in the late 80's for more acreage. He built a 10 car detached garage. So now we have 4 Corvettes, a Camaro RS SS, a Chevelle SS, GTO, Oldsmobile 442. I told him he has room for one more car. He said if need be he could put up a pole building . I like his hobby. Keeps him plenty busy and out of trouble. Plus if I want to find him it's usually in the garage. I spent plenty a late night keeping him company while working on one of the cars over the years. He is really good with his hands and I know the joy the hobby has brought to our family. We have traveled to many a show including out of state and it has been a wonderful time as a family. So it could be a lot worse.

  • Thanks for your reply nice to have a ladies view for a change. I think it's crazy my husband having two Corvettes let alone 10 did you say? He also collect guitars which I don't mind so much they take up less room. Although the last Gibson Les Paul he bought was some special custom shop model that cost over $10,000.00 . Not happy about that . I don't play guitar. I told him I wouldn't even know what to do with them if he died as he doesn't tell me how many he has and I don't know what they are worth. Oh well Husbands. Can't live with them and can't live without them. Or can we ?

  • Hello! I have always wanted a Corvette. Your husband has two you say? I play guitar I have only two myself. Can't afford a Gibson Custom Shop LP either. If your husband were to die and you grieve a while where could I reach you at? I'm not married and have no children. You sound like a nice lady. Just sayin. Can't hurt right?

  • What kind of Corvette is it? Standard, Z06, ZR1 ? What year? I have been wanting one to go with my Camaro I have. My car is 69 Z28 and I bought it without telling my wife. She was mad at first but got over it. Now she enjoys riding in it. Like you she can't drive a standard transmission.

  • 2019 Z06 Corvette. I have ridden in it and wow it really goes the pick up is just super. Too much power for me it scares me. I don't think he would trust me to drive it even if I could work a stick shift.

  • " Little red corvette / Bitch is mad cause she was thinking ' Chevette ' " paraphrased Prince.

  • Calm down cupcake, it's only money. Not like you can take it with you when you die.

  • True. But it's manual trans and I can't drive it. He said he will teach me but last he tried that didn't end so well. He got tired of trying and just gave up. One more car I can't drive. I'm still mad at him. This will take some work on both our parts. He promised to take me on a trip but then this virus happened.

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