I'm gonna finally get in the pants of my old crush

My high school had a lot of hot chicks when I was still going to school, but most of them have either gotten themselves into relationships or have really terrible personalities now. Except one. Still love her, though, and I was able to finally confirm she's into me and next time I sleep at her place I'm screwing her silly all day and night, we're gonna go at it like rabbits.

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  • Like a lot of regulars at the sports bar I go to, I eyed up certain bartenders and servers and developed an attraction for them. Not all, but a few. Most came and went before I could make a move, however, one model-gorgeous, unbelievably beautiful, younger blonde that I was obsessed with stayed long enough for me to befriend, talk to daily even after she left the job, and finally have sex with. She told me she knew I looked at her (at the bar) every chance I got which was 100% correct, and that my eyes were glued to her one night after work when I talked to her outside and she'd changed into a sexy, white crop top and low-hanging pants outfit that showed off her tanned, flat tummy and deep, oval innie navel. She again was correct. I could not take my eyes off of her body that night.

    We got together 5 or 6 times, had great, wild sex, then she moved to another city. I'd love to have at her again. So sexy and so beautiful. And young.

  • Update: played with her pussy, got blowjob, gonna fuck when she isn't on her period

  • Played with her pussy but didnt fuck because shes on her period. Enjoyed that handful of blood enough

  • Her choice lmao, not mine. I didn't care

  • I got into my mom's pants tonight. Her Valentine's Day dinner date cancelled after she was all dressed to go out. She really looked sexy in her dress and her makeup made her look really hot! I held her as we looked into each others eyes. We then had a little kiss on the lips, then another, then another. Each kiss growing longer until our tongues were in each others mouth. In no time we had each others clothes off and in bed together. My mom's pussy was so tight, and it really squeezed my cock when my mom had her orgasm. I stopped for a minute, then I started jackhammering her pussy with my cock until my balls exploded sending streams of my sperm against my mom's cervix.

  • I got together with an old crush of mine and I tried to get in her pants, but they were to small for me to even be able to put them on.

  • I had a crush on a girl in high school, but she was to popular to date me. In college however, she found that she wasn't high and mighty anymore. We got to talking one day. In one class she'd cheat off of my tests. We were now equals and I fucked the shit out of her for over a year.

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