Thanking new friend

Well my husband suffers from past has depression well other week was in bad way and as i work away could not be there and we have neighbor younger lady 33 ish just so happend needed bulb changing and knocked on our door well hubby stopped what he was setting up and went door and then went changed bulb had coffee chat he was in better mood when left but im so jealous of her pretty 20 years younger etc well that week end retured and she see me pull up on drive and come to her door vivited me in strange i thinking well she told me what mood husband was in so left went cheak on him all fine that evening so said was going walk to shop but instead went see neighbor said how greatfull i was and if ever needed something just ask she smiled said well there is a little thing wanted do ask etc but shy but ok she said it found looking at my boobs could see must be big firm etc and would love see play with as she
lesbian and been single long time well some thing i fantasize about so whats the harm well had good time and hope have many more

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  • Best if you go back to school and see if you can pass kindergarten your grammar is shithouse

  • Next time she needs a light bulb changed, you be the one who goes over to change it. She can hold the lightbulb while you turn the ladder.

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