Singles night

I been trying to my wife going to a singles night 1 to show her she very pretty lady and load men im sure try chat up dance buy drink etc etc while i keep eye on but also mingle till close end i go chat up and be lucky guy get to leave with is that good or bad ?

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  • Had my good friend come home with us one night after my wife and I had had way too much to drink at a party. My wife was too drunk to know 100 percent of what was going on. Then on top of that she took sleeping pills once we got home. One bad decisions after another and i watched him fuck the hell out of my wife for 3 hours. It was bye far the best sex she had ever experienced in her life . After a night of partying she admitted to me that they were the best orgasms she had ever had.

  • Go away with your multiple post and shitty English.

  • We did that 40 years ago. I'd drop her off then park the car and sit at the bar away from her. An unintended benefit, guys bought her drinks. She'd dance, act like she's looking to get laid, lots of cleavage shown. But watch out, she was really smitten for one guy. They slowed danced and she really got into fuck me mode. She agreed to got to his van, sex for sure. She went to the ladies room first and I cornered her. "He's going to fuck me in his van, what should I do?" I got her hand and we took off out the back door. Then we had the best sex in the car about a mile away. She was soaking wet. I think he fingered her -- she says not but she'd like about that.

  • Me and my wife did that too, but Tina drank to much and seven guys ran a train on her in the back of a van in the parking lot.

  • Lucky guy

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