Treating hubby

Last year had big argument with husband cuss a friend of his come round wish him happy birthday and i lost it slapped her shouted walked out and i did know the girl chatted etc. well was near shop near husband and see her and apologized etc. and asked how husband was she said not been round since that day so said shell be go visit him she said ok so we did he looked surprised seeing pair of us together but smiled and let in we chatted for while had coffee then i got up go toilet when i returned i only had my blouse on and said husband house rules still in force he said yes why well she sat on chair beside me and said ok so if i flash my lady parts they have give me oral well know our lady friend always wanted give me and you wanted watch so hopefully she up for it and make up for birthday and i spread my legs rised on arms of chair flashing my lady friend who looked but was soon on knees licking out me and husband watching i told him get cock out and let me watch him wank and come over my boobs that i was opening and gasping from licking getting our friend stopped said i need enjoy to dropped her bottoms then back on knees licking and rubbing her self was not long till i come then husband over me and our friend who by now sitting arm chair beside me also watching husband cum and soon she did too husband said he enjoyed that then asked as he was first go down on me if not been anyone else while apart did i enjoy second person doing and lady at that i looked at husband said she second do that but i had been naughty and been on few cam sites just to chat but was not long till got turned on and started of flashing boobs that moved on to using toy orgasm on cam but only couple men who had been nice when first meet but first person did with was another lady and she gave me confidence go c2c get naked and we watched each other in private doing and i might even introduce her to hubby might even get naughty with husband letting her watch as long both want

3 months ago

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