Wife and her mother

My mil was over the other day,her and my wife were drinking cocktails out the back as it was a beautiful day,my wifes dad had passed away 2 years previously and as more alcohol was consumed they started talking about sex and how much she missed it! My wife then decided to tell her mother that me and her are having threesomes with other guys! Your not are you? Mum it's amazing,she then starts showing her photos of our exploits,I never would have thought it with you two her mother said,its just fun mother,look at that one! Is that where I think it is? Yes up my bum ! Laughing!! The following week we meet up with a fella,the wife asked him if he'd be interested in fucking her mother? Count me in he said,when we got home she rang her mother with the good news,she was sceptical at first but warmed to the idea,its just sex Mum!! They arranged to meet on Saturday,Thursday night her mother rings! Will you come over the house and sit downstairs love! OK if that's what you want Mum! Your coming with me she said to me! Saturday comes we go to her mothers and sit out the kitchen,a knock on the door,they talked for a bit then we heard the stairs creaking! What the hell were we doing there! We could hear them at it,let's have a look at them my wife says!! The dirty bitch,fairplay she was getting fucked good by our friend,just the week before he was in her daughter I thought!! Our male friend heard us by the door,whats this,looks like you've got an audience,she looked to the door and said to her daughter my god where did you find him from,from that day on she's been meeting up with guys for sex

19 days ago

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